Department of Sanskrit

Department of Sanskrit  was started  in the year 1984  in the Self – Finance stream . Since then the Department has offered Part- I Sanskrit to the College students. SANSKRIT being the ancient language , has it’s own cultural heritage and treasure of knowledge . Department of Sanskrit introduces the Language to the students from it’s basics. Classical works of great poets are taught thus enabling students to enjoy the aesthetics of this Language. Along with this an introduction to Ayurveda is also given to the students  in their syllabus ‘Vaidyakiya Subhashita Sahityam’  .Central Government has decided to promote , propagate and uplift the use of Sanskrit throughout the Nation. Our College as an institution of Education has already strived hard towards this goal .

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Staff Details

  • Mrs. Ramya Bhatt , M.Phil., Assistant Professor





Assistant Professor

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Experience: 1 year