It is an establishment which provides quality food and comfortable lodging for College students. It is a supervised house by the authorities. The hostel authorities, instead of being stereotypical watchful eyes, train and help the residents to grow more independent and stronger during their stay here. Desiring and deserving students admitted in the College are provided with Hostel Facility.

The Residence hall always provides quality education and space for growth and learning, it gives outstation students the comfort of living on campus and access to all its facilities. Hostel accommodation is mainly for UG and PG program students admitted from outside Chromepet. The hostel is intended to be a second home for students.

The Hostel Committee consist of, the Principal, the warden and few senior faculty members of the college nominated by the Principal. The hostel is under the direct control of the Principal, who is the ex-officio warden of the hostel.

The College Hostel was started in the year 2011. Our Chairman Smt. Mamta D. Bhatt’s continuous support, guidance and encouragement are voluminous. We travel through the path of success by the leadership of our college secretary Shri.Chandrakant M. Tolia and Joint Secretary Shri Nimish C. Tolia. They are the embodiment of courage and zeal.

Principal of our college extend her full support at all times. Our college management committee members are always supportive, for the growth and development of the Hostel. Students who want accommodation in the hostel should obtain the necessary application form from the hostel office and apply, after getting admission in the college and enrolled therein.

The hostel administration is maintained, by the Chairman and the management members. The hostel has Warden and an Asst warden who takes care of admission, attendance, leaves issues, to solve day today problems for a smooth functioning and taking action against ragging etc. In the Hostel, housekeeping maids, cleaners, gardener and security guards (for day and night) are working, apart from part time electrician, plumber and carpenter.

Hallmark of a good institution is its ability to provide excellent amenities besides quality education. The Hostel buildings are constructed in spacious green area which provides confidence in favour of learning. Hostel has a beautiful garden/lawn which serves for greenery as well as recreation.

The hostel building has ground and 3 floors 12000 sq feet built up area in each floor. The Ground floor has 14 rooms excluding the Office, Warden Room, Prayer hall, Visitor’s lounge with TV and Dining Hall. First floor has 18 student’s rooms, one Counsellor Room, Study hall, Computer lab (24 numbers) and library. Second floor have 18 student’s rooms for their accommodation, one staff room and Audio visual room and for their usage. Third floor have 28 students rooms. In the adjoining building also 4 very spacious dormitories with bunk cots are available for student’s accommodation.

The amenities available for the hostellers include spacious, airy and bright, well ventilated rooms with windows and curtains, broad corridors, drinking water plant facility, daily sanitised closets and bath rooms with running water facility. All the amenities are well provided for a healthy living condition.

Students from almost all the districts of Tamilnadu and different states of India and also from the Union Territory Pondicherry and Andaman & Nichobar islands are all staying. Few overseas students are also staying in the hostel.

Rooms with 3 seater, 4 seater, few with AC and attached bath rooms, non AC with attached bathrooms are available for student’s accommodation. All the rooms are equipped with infrastructure like cots, study tables, chairs, cupboards, mirror and mattress with pillow, shoe stand, cloth stand, and dustbin and so on.

Each room is provided with (2 to 4) Fans, (2 to 3) Tube Lights, Night Lamp. Each student has a study table, a chair, a wardrobe and built in Book shelf. Cots are provided with a mattress and a pillow. Bunk beds, fans and lights are provided in the dormitory rooms. All the room windows are provided with mosquito nets and curtains. Considering the hostel environment and recycling, two dust bins are provided one for degradable and another is for non-degradable.

Bath rooms and toilets are situated in each wing of the Hostel building with Geyser enduring hot water at all times, in all the floors. A separate cloak room will be made available to keep their belongings while proceeding on vacation. Personal belongings should be placed inside the locked suitcases and that should bear complete details. The items kept inside the room are to be entered in the note book kept by the in-charge of the cloak room.

“Prayer makes man to become perfect”. The day begins in the morning with divine presence with a prayer and Attendance. The names of the birthday babies are read out and they are greeted with affection and divine blessings are invoked every day.

The study hour starts after the evening Prayer and Attendance. Monitored study hours of the students are observed from Monday to Friday. The hostel provides a serene atmosphere and clean surroundings to the students for their study and stay.

The hostilities are provided with mess facility. The dinner area is situated in the ground floor. The residence mess serves a fairly varied menu of absolutely fresh food with considerable attention to its nutritive value. Morning milk, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea with Snacks Dinner with milk and fruits are served. Special Lunch and Dinner are also served on different occasion. Menu for all the days are prepared as per students’ choice and it is put up on the dining hall. The menu is decided upon mainly by the authorities and the food committee. Hygiene and cleanliness is maintained quite stringently. Dining hall is always kept clean after every meal of a day. Two pest-o-flash instruments are kept in the Dining hall. The large dinning hall can accommodate 50 students at a time.

One overhead tank with a capacity of 13000 litres of water storage is constructed on the terrace. Two sumps with the capacity of 15000 litres with two compressor motors to fill the sumps with water, one submersible motor in the sump to fill the over head tank are in the Ground floor. One submersible motor in the bore well, to pump the water to straight to overhead tank.

At present 500 litres capacity of Aqua Filter is installed on the terrace to supply the purified drinking water for the Hostel inmates. In due course aqua water filter with advanced technology having 1000 litres capacity will be erected. Drinking water pipe line connections are given both in the ground floor and to all the floors. Mineral water supply is given to each floor with coolers.

Fire extinguisher are erected and installed at various places in each of the Hostel wing. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and inverter are installed on the ground floor. The hostel has three phase supply of electricity on all 24 hours with standby diesel generators in case of power cut. In toilets automatic electrical napkin incinerators are installed.

Apart from student’s rooms, spacious computer lab containing 25 computers with net connectivity for student’s usage

The hostel houses a library that comprises more than 500 books to connect the inmates with insightful knowledge. All books on various subjects are displayed in an in-built shelf for the use of hostellers. These collections of book are very useful for the students. Many students are utilizing the library to enhance their knowledge.

Daily newspapers like “The Hindu”, “Times of India” and “Thinathanthi” are subscribed apart from free issue of “Deccan chronicle”.

The Chairman and The Principal, who guide the students, to handle their problems and gain self-confidence, courage and inner strength. They take special care for, not only the physical needs of the students, but also their psychological and spiritual needs by offering regular counselling and guidance to the students. Need-based talks and activities like counselling and Yoga were arranged to help the students to lead a better and healthier life.

Counselling is the service offered to the individual who is undergoing a problem and needs professional help to overcome it. It is a specific process of assistance extended by an expert to an individual. Counsellor interacts with hostel students individually and gives them proper advice according to their mental balances. Counselling is a process that occurs when a client and counsellor sit aside to expose difficulties like stress and emotion. Counselling helps to get relieved from all stressful, emotional situations and improves confidence level. Growth, adjustment, mutual understanding, realization and solving problems are the importance of counselling.

Yoga is compulsory for all the hostel students. Yoga means union, joining body, mind and soul. It brings a balance in overall personality of an individual. Yoga benefits in three dimensions of student’s life, physical emotional and academic performances. It increases ability to concentrate and learn. It imposes morality and discipline and brings positive energy transformation. Yoga guides students of how to make healthy choices in their life.

The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind, body and soul. Yoga asana build strength, flexibility and confidence. Regular practice of yoga can help to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. “Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition that improves sleep, lowers blood pressure & Glucose levels, and boosts immunity and increase blood flow. Yoga is not a religion; it is a way of living that aims towards ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body. Yoga enhances personal power, increases self-awareness, reduces stress and tension, improves concentration and creativity, lowers fat, improves circulation and stimulates its immune system.

The college offers a wide, range of sports activities, the National, State, University level players in different sports and games are given free accommodation in the hostel. The management is very kind to accommodate 20 students talented in sports with free of cost. It shows their generosity. Every day in the evening the inmates of the Hostel engage indoor games like Chess and Carom and outdoor games like Shuttle cork and Tennicoid.

Physical exercise is a bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Fitness exercise increases the growth and development, prevents ageing and strengthens the muscles and cardio vascular system. Frequent and regular physical exercise boosts the immune system. It may help to prevent stress and depression. Physical exercise is important for maintaining physical fitness. The residents can use the Gymnasium–cum–fitness centre in the morning. Some physical fitness equipments are installed in a separate place. Students are allowed to do physical exercises.

Every year a periodical medical check up is carried out by the Doctors for the general health of the hostel students. The hostel is in close proximity to three nearby hospitals. A first aid box and medicines are available in the hostel office in the case of emergency. Free medicines are given to all students and staff if required. A sick student should invariable be accompanied by the warden while going to outside hospital, and also informed to parents.

Campus interviews are conducted by various corporate companies. Students are placed successfully. Because of their hard work and dedication they have all won the placement. They have to apply the best of themselves to the task at their hand.

Hostel use to arrange one day trip to nearby places for the students

To create awareness about the usage of natural resources like solar energy, Rain water harvesting and tree sapling plantation, students used to display objects and charts. Banning plastics and substituting it with paper, coconut shell and bamboo. All the items prepared students used to be displayed on hostel day.

Security personnel secure the building round the clock. There are two guards for day and night of 24 hours. During the day, identity documents are checked at entrance, to prevent non-resident to enter the hostel, other than during visiting hours. CCTV cameras are installed in 13 different places to monitor around the hostel all the places in live.

Living away from home in a hostel may pose challenges to students, but it prepares them for the life ahead. It makes them most disciplined and responsible in their approach towards things.

Hostel is a place to live experiences, to meet people from other places with a unique environment and atmosphere. The value based educations inculcate their social responsibility and good citizenry of the students. It encourages student’s participation in social, cultural and leisure activities. Students of different habits, temperaments, living style, language and outlook are staying together. This develops the qualities of understanding and adjustment and sharing and carrying amongst the students. It nurtures virtues like adaptability, tolerance and sacrifice, developing students into noble and responsible citizens.