Course Timings : 8.10 am-12.40 pm

Special Features :


The changing scenario in the health care and hospitality sector paved way for the establishment of the Department of Home Science in the year 2013 with an undergraduate course in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. The three-year program, since its inception has worked towards excellence in developing the skill-sets and innate talents of the students. The course integrates practical and theoretical knowledge related to food and its processing, nutrients and its metabolism, and the therapeutic aspects. The curriculum brings about an interesting mix of career-oriented papers like Medical Nutrition Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, Sports Nutrition, Diet Counselling Techniques and Practices that forms the crux of the health care system. 

Unique attributes :

  • Smart classrooms and well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratories to facilitate new-age learning
  • Activity-based teaching pedagogy, cooperative learning, problem-based learning, gaming strategies, knowledge sharing sessions, field visits kindle the love towards academic enhancement.
  • Extensive in-house library covering a wide range of reference texts, study materials, and e-books.
  • Proactive placement cell that works to fulfill the career needs of the students
  • One-month internship program in various hospitals and food industries as on-the-job-training module
  • Food Preservation, Interior Decoration and Flower Arrangement are offered as certificate courses to enrich learning perspectives.

Holistic development

The department always looks forward to an all-inclusive growth in the student. We promote community development and social responsibility through society-centric extension activities. Outreach programs in association with Indian Dietetic Association and Food Standards Safety Authority of India are organized every year. The department also conducts seminars, symposium, and conferences every year to promote fruitful interactions with the food and health care sector to stay abreast about the recent trends in the industry. Some of the eminent guests and speakers who graced our events

  • Dr. Dharini Krishnan, Nutrition Consultant, Former President of Indian Dietetic Association, Chennai Chapter
  • Mrs. B. Manimegalai, Chief Dietician, Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • Dr. V. Chockalingam, Senior Cardiologist, Director, Mind your Heart, Chennai
  • Dr. Chef K Damodaran, Professor and Director, Empee Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Chennai
  • Dr. N. Shalini, Psychiatrist, Chief Nurturing Officer, Inner Temple, Chennai
  • Mrs. Mallika Badrinath, Celebrity Chef, Food Writer and Cookbook Author.
  • Mrs. Shiny Surendran, Holistic Nutritionist, Author and Entrepreneur.

We also equip the students with managerial skills needed for entering into business administration in the field of food, nutrition, and wellness industry. The students are also given exposure through participation in national and international conferences, various competitions and events. With a steadily growing demand for nutritionists and dieticians, our students have been placed in various reputed health care organizations, food industries, and in the wellness sector.

Job Opportunities

Students can be recruited in Government sector, Hospitals, Food industries, Food Service Establishments, and Medical coding companies. Also, after successful completion of the course, they can become Entrepreneurs, Research Scientists, Clinical Dieticians, Nutritionists, Child Development Project Officer, ICDS Nutrition Officer, Community Nutritionist, free-lance nutritionist, can write articles in newspapers and magazine as content writer related to nutrition and health.

The department proudly presents an Instagram and YouTube channel to showcase the talents of our students.





  • Mrs. V.Subasshini, M.Sc., M.Phil., UGC NET, Assistant Professor & Head In-charge
  • Mrs. P. Uma maheswari, M.Sc., M.Phil., UGC NET, Assistant Professor
  • Mrs. Aruna M, M.Sc., UGC NET, Assistant Professor
  • Mrs. Sangavi P, M.Sc., UGC NET, Assistant Professor
  • Mrs. Kezia. J, M.Sc., M.B.A. (HR), M.Phil., UGC NET, Assistant Professor

Activities 2020-21

The Department of Home Science- Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics,since its inception has been organizing various thought provoking, informative seminars, workshops and association events. In the academic year 2020-2021, despite lockdown used the power of technology in successful execution of various events.

Nutrigala 2020

The department conducted Nutrigala 2020 with series of events like – a live webinar, quiz and competitions for school and college students with entries from national and international level, with the theme- ‘Healthy food for healthy life- Eat right to nourish you’.

Eminent speakers like Mrs. Shiny surendren, a Chennai based holistic nutritionist, author, and entrepreneur and Mrs. Mallika Badrinath.

Guest Lecture: Nutrition and Product Development -Future Of Food Innovation

To integrate the realms of food product development in production of novel nutritious food products, an inquisitive guest lecture on ‘NUTRITION AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT -FUTURE OF FOOD INNOVATION’ was organized on 21 st March 2021, by inviting the eminent speaker, Dr. G. Nagamaniammai, M.Tech, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Food Process Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology. The speaker imparted knowledge on various aspects of NPD like food product innovations, future of food trends, nutraceutical, functional foods, categories and need for process food, stages in developing new product, food perception model, scope of entrepreneurship in processed food, etc. Nearly 212 participants got benefitted by the updated insights on NPD through the virtual talk.

Nutri-contest 2021

The department of Home Science, organized Nutri-contest 2021, under which 3 multifarious competitions like quiz-a brain teaser competition conducted online on basic nutrition, Art from waste and drawing competitions were conducted during the month of March 2021 for young girl children who belong to standards 11 and 12. Dr. Preethi Raj, Chief Nutritionist & Co-Founder was invited to announce the winners of the competitions and also, we had a talk on brain foods by the madame speaker.

During lockdown, students were encouraged to create varied awareness through social media by creating mindfulness video and posters on awareness of COVID 19, Independence Day, National Nutrition Month, National girl child day, world cancer day, World Pulse Day, National deworming day, international day of women and girls in science, and National science day, World water day and National Vaccination Day through out the year. Thus, students wisely used social media platform to show case and build their talent.


P.Uma maheswari

P.Uma maheswari

Bsc Msc NET

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Guiding M.Sc Research projects ( five years and six months)

Experience: 7.4

Aruna .M

Aruna .M

Bsc Msc NET

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Clinical Nutrition

Experience: 6.3



Bsc Msc NET

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Foods and nutrition

Experience: 2 Years and 7 months

Kezia .J

Kezia .J

Msc Mphil NET MBA B Ed

Specialization: Food service management and Dietetics

Experience: 3





Specialization: Dietetics, Therapeutic dietetics, Functional foods

Experience: 3.1