True to its resounding ideologies, engrained ethical values and principles, Shrimathi DevKunvar Nanalal Bhatt Vaishnav College for Women has devised its long term and short term Perspective Plans to diligently monitor the holistic progression of its students and the Institution at large.

Long Term Perspective Plan:

Being an Institution founded more than half a decade ago with a noble vision of empowering Women Learners, mostly from an economically weaker and a semi-urban background, the College has progressed leaps and bounds in promoting educational excellence amongst its first generation learners.

The Long Term Plan of the Institution has been to,

  • To bestow the student community with intellectual competence, academic brilliance and generic skills of a holistic nature.
  • To mould them into Perfect Learners with clarity of thought and true conviction for heading towards their chosen futuristic arena to serve the society in the years to come.
  • To devise long term strategies, ideally planned at every stage of growth of the Institution, focusing on the attainment of its holistic Vision.
  • To assure inclusivity in the Institution in terms of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for the betterment of the concerned stake holders.
  • To promote a sustainable climate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the portals of the Institution to ideate and incubate societal and environmental friendly inventions meant for societal up liftment.
  • To provide a conducive atmosphere for purposeful learning through constant up gradation in terms of the Infrastructural requirements, technical soundness, teaching learning tools and environment friendly, student centric initiatives.
  • To strengthen the Alumni connect to pave the way for collaborative and productive endeavors leading to mutual benefits and progress of all the stakeholders.

Short Term Perspective Plan:

The Short Term Plan of the Institution focuses on

  • The implementation of an integrated learning methodology based on the transformative educational curriculum of all programs.
  • Aided by the new age technology and professionalism in all its relevant spheres the micro credentials of the Learners is to be assured for treading the path of Global excellence.
  • Building up avenues to propagate and promote the Indian Knowledge System and its timeless application amongst the learners for restructuring their ethical and cultural ethos.
  • Exposing the potential learners to a vista of ability enhancement and skill development opportunities within the portals of the Institution to provide value addition and up scaling their employability quotient.
  • Encouraging a system of multidisciplinary and trans disciplinary learning to inculcate a degree of scientific temper and research orientedness leading to a sustainable Research Ecosystem for addressing the societal problems.
  • Promotion of an entrepreneurial climate in the Institution through persistent measures of identifying and molding the potential learners into Ideapreneurs and full-fledged Entrepreneurs.
  • Installing both academic and non-academic vibrancy for the attainment of a holistic progression of the student community in their span of study.