The College has carved a niche in women’s education by upgrading its status as a Research Institute in 2012 with 6 Departments viz. History and Tourism, Statistics, Physics, Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology, Computer Science, and Commerce, offering Ph.D. programme. 9 Research Departments offer Full-time and Part-time Ph.D. Programme and 3 departments offer Part-time Ph.D. programme. 35 Faculty members are recognized as Ph.D. supervisors and 14 Faculty members as M.Phil. supervisors.

A centralized research room is available with 15 high-end systems with internet facility for all the research scholars. Well maintained laboratories, sophisticated instrumentation laboratory with GS, HPLC, FTIR, UV Spectrophotometer and PCR are available for research students of physical and life sciences.Culture room is available for fresh water algae, microbiology, mushroom and marine algae. The cell offers Plagiarism check through authenticated software – URKUND.

Ph.D Supervisors


Department Staff Name Specialization
Tamil Dr. T. Senthamil Selvi Modern Literature
English Dr. K. Kanthimathi Linguistics
Dr.P. Beena English Language Teaching, Task Based Teaching
Dr.S.Sharmila Indian Writing in English
Dr.K. Sivashankari Diaspora Literature
Economics Dr. N. Gajalakshmi Women Labour
Dr. M.S. Lekha Labour Problems – Silk Industry
Mathematics Dr. S. Hemalatha Formal Languages
Statistics Dr. R. Geetha Statistical modeling using multivariate techniques
Dr. G. Vijayasree Order Restricted Inference
Physics Dr. S. Lakshmi X-Ray Crystallography
Dr.T.Kavitha X-ray crystallography
Dr. P. Koteeswari Crystal Growth
Chemistry Dr.C.Mansiya Environmental Chemistry
Dr.R.Indira Polymer Chemistry
Plant Biology and Plant Biotech Dr. R. Siva Mycology
Dr.C.B Nirmala Biotechnology
Dr.G.Rani Algology
Dr. D. Lakshmi Algology
Computer Science Dr. C.P. Sumathi Neural Networks & Image Processing
Dr. R. Radha Data mining & Image Processing
Dr. C. Victoria Priscilla Image Processing and Data Mining
Dr. N.Priya Data Mining
Commerce Dr.N.Chandravathi Marketing
Dr.S.Rathi Management
Dr.T.N.Rama Finance
Dr. R. Savithri Banking
Dr. G. TamilSelvi Human Resource Management
Dr. A. Dhanalakshmi Entrepreneurship
Dr. A. C. Ranganayaki Marketing
Dr.S.Seethalakshmi Entrepreneurial Development
Dr.S.Subbulakshmi Human Resource Management
Dr.C.S.Vijaya Marketing
Dr. D.Lalitha Marketing
Dr.S.Kamakshi Finance
Dr.Kalaivani.Y Marketing
DR.K.Shyamala Marketing and Finance