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About the Department

The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1968 to teach ancillary Chemistry in the PUC (Pre-University). B.Sc Chemistry as a Major degree was started in 1978. It offers CHEMISTRY main to over 150 students for whom Maths and Physics form the allied subjects during their I and II years of studies respectively. The Department of Chemistry also offers Chemistry as allied subject to around 100 students of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology and Physics. Syllabi of UG course is designed to enable the students to acquire knowledge in Chemistry and employability skills required for placement in industries/institutions.

  • The Department has excellent, well spaced, highly ventilated and well-equipped laboratory infrastructure.
  • Highly sophisticated instruments like Spectrophotometer Polarimeter, sonicator,UV,IR etc. are available to the students to practice.
  • Periodically calibrated instruments are employed for practical to produce precise results.
  • We have a departmental library in addition to the central library of  the  college.

The department organizes seminars by eminent professors and various workshops with hands on training by professionals from industries/instituitions.

The department has an excellent academic record and has bagged several ranks from University of Madras at the UG level for several years.

The Department offers a vibrant atmosphere to students and faculty to nurture the spirit of scientific inquiry and to pursue knowledge in a highly encouraging environment.


          B.Sc- CHEMISTRY


  • Positions in Paint, fertilizer, Plastic, food, textile, leather and many other industries
  • Analytical chemist, Biomedical chemist
  • Quality controller, Production officer
  • Teaching


  • Chem Vaishnav is an interdepartmental competition conducted by the department of chemistry every year to bring out the talents from the students of different discipline.
  • Some of the brain storming events like Chem quiz,collage,Chem jam,Chem. Connections Chem talk,Chem  Paint, Chem  puzzle,Chem riddles
  • The students of this department are encouraged to attend Seminars, Workshops and Symposia and also to participate in various inter collegiate competitions.
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   Seminar/workshop /Invited Lecture

  1. Workshop on “Microscale approach in organic lab techniques” by Dr.S.Murugan Retd.Head south Travancore, Hindu College, Nagercoil on 05.09.2019.
  2. Workshop Hands on training on”Entreprenure development programme in chemistry” byDr.N.Elangovan, Asst.Professor, A.M .Jain college on 16.10.2018.
  3. Lecture on “Diabetics and Pharmacology” byDr.S.Jayakumar,Visiting Professor.,Vels University on 28.02.2018.
  4. Lecture on “Chemistry Inventions that enabled the modern World” by Dr.N.Elangovan, Asst.Professor on 23.02.2018.
  5. Lecture on “Basics and applications of UV and IR by Mr.Gopalakrishnan Asst.Professor DG.Vaishnav College, on 03.10.2017
  6. Lecture on “Animals Nutrition and health by Dr.U.Balakrishnan Associate.Scientist, Kemin Industries, South Asia limited on 01.03.2017.
  7. Workshop hands on training on “Clinical Diagonsis of coagulation and bleeding disorder” by Dr.K.Valarmathi, Associate. Professor of  Pathology,Stanley  Medical college and Dr.S.Yamini Sudhalakshmi,Asst.Professor,Department of Medical Biochemistry,University of Madras,Taramani on 14.10.2016
  8. Lecture on “Introduction to Photophysical Chemistry-Chemistry light” by Dr.Kumaresan Asst.Professor DG.Vaishnav on 06.10.2016.
  9. Lecture on “Polymers” by Dr.A.S.N.Abdul Majid,Professor&Head of Polymer Engineering, B.S.Abdul Rehman University on 22.08.2016.

Staff Details

  • Dr.Mrs.C.Mansiya,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor& Head
  • Mrs.S.Padmapriya, M.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
  • Mrs.S.Niranjani, M.Sc., Assistant Professor

Publication Details:

Dr. C. Mansiya :





Assistant Professor & Head

Specialization: Environmental Chemistry

Experience: 18 years



M.Sc., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Catalysis

Experience: 26 years



M.Sc.,(CSIR-NET), Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Analytical Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Experience: 6 YEARS