Cork Industries Charities Trust

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1. Shri. Shashikant N Bhatt  Founding Trustee 
2. Shri. Dhananjay S Bhatt Chairman of the Trust
3 Tmt. Mamta D. Bhatt Trustee
4. Shri. Chandrakanth M. Tolia Trustee
5. Shri. Nimish C.Tolia Trustee


Shri. Shashikant N Bhatt 

Shri S N Bhatt, born on 3rd August 1928 in Chennai, a city located in Tamil Nadu, has left an indelible mark on various sectors of society and the business world due to his visionary and philanthropic mindset. His life, spanning over seven decades, was driven by innovation, commitment, and a profound desire to contribute to societal betterment.

Raised in Chennai, Shri S N Bhatt’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from an early age. He founded Cork Industries in 1956, revolutionizing the manufacturing of bottle and decorative cork. Under his leadership, the company flourished to become Asia’s largest exporter in its domain, showcasing his ability to innovate and lead in a competitive market.

His business acumen extended into the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, serving as the Chairman of the Board for Shasun Pharmaceutical for 18 years. Shasun emerged as the world’s largest Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturer of ibuprofen under his guidance. Additionally, his tenure as chairman of the INCA group propelled the company to global leadership in hammock manufacturing and exports.

Beyond business, Shri S N Bhatt’s philanthropic efforts have made significant impacts. He served on the Governing Board of the Adyar Cancer Institute for over a decade, supporting cancer research. Furthermore, the Cork Industries Charities Trust, founded in 1965, underscores his belief in giving back to the community.

The establishment of SDNB Vaishnav College, with his active involvement, offers quality education to around 7000 students annually around the outskirts of Chennai. Shri S N Bhatt’s interests extend beyond his professional achievements, encompassing a deep appreciation for theatre, music, and political affairs, reflecting his well-rounded personality and diverse passions.

In summary, Shri S N Bhatt’s life and work embody the spirit of entrepreneurship, leadership, and philanthropy. His contributions to industry, education, and healthcare have left a lasting legacy, making him a true visionary and inspiration. The Cork Industries Charities Trust, under his founding vision, continues to strive towards meaningful contributions to society, guided by his exemplary life and achievements.

He served as a trustee of Gosamarakshana Sangh, an organization initiated by Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham to safeguard cows from slaughter.

For more than three decades, he was an active Rotarian. During his presidency, one of his primary initiatives was the upliftment of Thiruvidanthai, ECR, which has now become a popular pilgrimage site.

Aside from his philanthropic and community work, he excelled as a stylish cricketer and table tennis player. Additionally, he possessed a natural talent for playing any musical instrument he picked up, embodying his belief that “Music is divine.”



Shri. Dhananjay S Bhatt 

Shri D S Bhatt, is currently serving as the Chairman of Cork Industries Charities Trust and a notable figure in business and philanthropy, showcases the impact of humble leadership. Born in Chennai, India, on August 26, 1966, He has completed his graduation in Commerce at Madras University.

He founded INCA Group in 1990, India’s first hammock manufacturing company. This venture not only marked his innovative spirit but also his commitment to highlighting India’s manufacturing capabilities globally. Under his guidance, INCA has become a leading name in the sporting goods industry, rooted in quality and sustainability. INCA has won the highest exporter award for 25 consecutive years by the Sporting Goods Promotion Council (SGEPC).

Beyond his business acumen, he is deeply involved in social betterment through the Cork Industries Charities Trust, focusing on healthcare, education, and welfare for the society, working towards providing equality. His efforts have positioned the trust as a beacon of positive change. He is also an active member of Social Venture Partners (SVP) India, which focusses on philanthropy by active engagement of its partners.

His personal interests, including table tennis, music, and management literature, enrich his approach to business and philanthropy. Despite his achievements, it is his humility and dedication to societal impact that define him. He continues to inspire as a model of innovative leadership and compassionate action.