Management Funded Student Projects (2022-2023) 

1 22YRPDENG01 English P. Hema Kavinaya. S Mohammed Ajeeba.P Rahmath Nisha. A Rashmi. A Saranya. R UG Impact of lyrics in teenagers 2,437
2 22YRPDENG02 English Dr. P. Beena Aishwarya. K Kavithaa Sri. R Lekha Sri. S Shivani. A Srividya. R UG Thoughts and Memories- Understanding Medical Humanities 3,577
3 22YRPDECO01 Economics Dr. M.S.Lekha Nishanthi. S Kalaivani. M UG Role of Health Measures in Human Capital Enhancement in India 6,993
4 22YRPDECO02 Economics Dr. M.S.Lekha Aishwarya Lakshmi.K UG Migration and its Ramifications on the Global Economy-An Observational Study 5,802
5 22YRPDECO03 Economics Dr. M.S.Lekha S.Pragatheeswari V. Nanditha A. Jeeva UG Millennial impact of inflation on consumption pattern trends in India 2,754
6 22YRPDCSC01 Computer Science Dr.R.Radha Dilli Rani. K Yamini. N Nancy Keziah. D Safya Aleen. V UG Voting Implementation Using Blockchain 3,683
7 22YRPDCSC02 Computer Science S. Divya Ashika Gomathy.S Divyaashree. R Laxey. M.B Mahalakshmi. K Muvisha. A UG Event Management Embedded with Chatbot 1,896
8 22YRPDCSC03 Computer Science G. Gayathri Devi Kavishree. M Padmapriya. M.S Ruhana Merjerin.M.R Sruthika. S UG IOT Car Parking System 9,894
9 22YRPDCHE01 Chemistry Dr.A.Ashwini B. Lavanya T. Shehanaz K. Praseetha UG Deep Eutectic solvents based synthesis of ferrofluids for environmental/biomedical applications 10,000
10 22YRPDCHE02 Chemistry Dr. S. Niranjani G. Yuvasri UG Synthesis of charge transfer complexes of statin drugs with ‘DDQ’ 10,000
11 22YRPDCHE03 Chemistry Dr. S. Niranjani K. Saranya UG Synthesis of coordination compounds using drugs as bioligands 10,000
12 22YRPDCHE04 Chemistry Dr. S. Niranjani P. Kaviyapriya UG Synthesis of novel urea derivatives of oxazolidinones and their biological evaluation 10,000
13 22YRPDCHE05 Chemistry Dr.C.Mansiya Aishwarya.L Kaviya.P.S Subhashri.A Vinodha.S UG Study of non-covalent interactions (NCI) between frequently used drugs and thyroxine by spectral and theoretical methods. 6,899
14 22YRPDPHY01 Physics Dr.P.Koteeswari Z. Thasbeeha Banu B. Subasree UG Metal oxide nanostructures and its antimicrobial properties 10,000
15 22YRPDPHY02 Physics Dr. T. Kavitha S. Kruthika UG Synthesis of magnetic metal oxide nanomaterial and its effect on battery efficiency 13,000
16 22YRPDPHY03 Physics Dr. T. Kavitha Ms.K.Priyadharshini Ms. K.A. Srimathi UG Synthesis of Calcium Carbonate nanoparticles and their influence on plant growth 12,000
17 22YRPDPHY04 Physics Dr. P. Koteeswari A.Sharmi V.V. Venuganali UG Crystal Growth and Investigation on Nonlinear optical single crystal grown by solution Growth technique 11,200
18 22YRPDPHY05 Physics Dr. S. Amudha P. Mohanapriya T. Ragavi A.Y. Mohammed Tasleem Tahira UG Electrochemical characterization of PEO-PMMA nanocomposite thin film solid polymer electrolytes containing nanofillers as dopant 13,500
19 22YRPDPHY06 Physics Dr. P. Koteeswari Swetha Kumar UG Metal oxide nanostructures and its application as a dye agent 10,000
20 22YRPDPBT01 Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Dr. R. Siva A. Aasiya Haseena S. Chitra B. Kiruthika UG Microbial delignification of agricultural wastes for 2G ethanol producation 10,000
21 22YRPDPBT02 Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Dr. C.B. Nirmala S. Subasree G. Vishnupriya K. Aasiya Parveen UG Isolation and characterization of phosphate solubilizing bacteria from the agricultural soils of Chengalpattu district, Tamil Nadu 10,000
22 22YRPDSTA01 Statistics Dr.D.Annapoorni S.D. Deva Darshini M. Lakshmi B. Pragathee UG A study on women’s role in financial decisions 6,006
23 22YRPEMAT01 Mathematics Dr.S.R.Prathiba Yuvasri. K Vinothini. T UG Effect of Magnetohydrodynamic Oscillatory Nanofluid through a circular pipe in the presence of Porous Medium 10,000
24 22YRPEMAT02 Mathematics Dr. D.A. Angel Sherin Harini. S Sapna. S UG A Study of Gyral Cubical Puzzle and its Cryptanalysis 12,000
25 22YRPEMAT03 Mathematics Dr. S. Kavitha Arulmozhi. S.S Subanu Varshini. T UG Analysis of Musical Ragas with different patterns of sequences 10,000
26 22YRPEBST01 Biostatistics Dr. S.R. Sruthi Keerthana. V Pooja. S Siva Priya. S Meena. V PG A Qualitative study on Education, Health and Socio-Economic status of the Tribals in the city and its Outskirts 2,851
27 22YRPECSC01 Computer Science Dr.S.Rajeswari Srimathi. R PG Voice assistant for blind and partially sighted people 3,185
28 22YRPECSC02 Computer Science Dr. N. Priya Srinidhi. K Kousalya. T PG Carbon Footprint Monitoring System 12,000
29 22YRPECSC03 Computer Science Dr.S.Rajeswari J. Karthika PG Event Management Embedded with Chatbot 3,275
30 22YRPEENG01 English J. Karthika Smruthi. G.V Sangeetha. P Monisha. G PG Teaching English through critical pedagogy to middle school students in Chennai-An outreach program 19,886
31 22YRPEENG02 English Ms. R. Archana N. Aishwarya PG Ecological perspectives in popular culture and Media 19,000
32 22YRPEHSC01 Home Science- FSND Dr.V.Subasshini Raja  Praveena. S PG Development and Characteristics assessment of Lemon seed extract incorporated Chitosan based edible film 9,133
33 22YRPEHSC02 Home Science- FSND Dr.V.Subasshini Afroze Shameema Shareen. M PG Encapsulation and Fortification of Carotenoids from Pumpkin and Sweet Potato 11,146
34 22YRPEHSC03 Home Science- FSND Dr. R. Vijaya Vahini Santhana Lakshmi. P PG Formulation of quality characteristics of Frozen Yam based Nuggets 9,209
35 22YRPEHSC04 Home Science- FSND Dr. R. Vijaya Vahini Sharmila. M PG Nutritional, Functional and Microbial composition of dehydrated leaf powder and leaf protein concentrate of Alternanthera Sessilis 16,640
36 22YRPEHSC05 Home Science- FSND Dr. R. Vijaya Vahini Ragini. G PG Utilization of Kitchen Waste (Coconut Meal) in formulation of edible soup bowl 13,410
37 22YRPEHSC06 Home Science- FSND Dr. Renu Agarwal T. Divya Dharashini PG Therapeutic potential of Cassia auriculata flower powder- Formulation and evaluation of nutri laddu 8,116
38 22YRPEHSC07 Home Science- FSND Dr. Renu Agarwal N. Reena PG Assessment and implementation of Nano-Emulsion Technology in the  preparation of Low-Fat mayonnaise using Cordia Myxa as a Fat Replacer 9,300
39 22YRPEHSC08 Home Science- FSND R. Subaratinam D.Mahalakshmi PG Quality characteristics of sesbania grandiflora incorporated soup cube for astronauts 12,257
40 22YRPDPHY05 Interdisciplinary- Eng & M.Sc CS J. Karthika Dr. M. Mahadevi Janane. G (M.A Eng) Blesslin Femi. J (M.A Eng) Nithya Priya. R (M.Sc.CS) PG Designing self-learning English language supplementary materials using accessible web tools for the learners with Visual Impairment 15,000
41 22YRPEIDP02 Interdisciplinary- Eng & BCA J. Karthika K. Subalakshmi Aarthi. S Aparna. K Mahalakshmi.J Ravi Ramya Sree. P UG & PG Teaching English to learners with Dyslexia [ASD] through Mobile Assisted Language Learning [MALL] 19,341
42 22YRPEIDP03 English & Computer Science Dr. J. Karthika Dr.M.Mahadevi V.S.Sreelakshmi (M.A English) M.Jesintha(M.Sc.CS) PG Teaching English to learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) 19,728
43 22YRPEIDP04 Computer Science & Psychology Dr.M.Mahadevi Ms.S.Durgadevi V. S. Rakshitha (M.Sc.CS) PG Feel better app for school children 4,814
44 22YRPEIDP05 Computer Science & Home Science -FSND Dr. C. Victoria Priscilla Dr.V.Subasshini T. Snega C. Devadharshini PG Nutritional App through android Studio 6,931
45 22YRPEBCA01 BCA G.B. Hema Malini P. Pavithra R. Pavithra R. Sreeja Richa Alex UG A interactive digital college map for students and faculties 10,236
46   22YRPEPBT01   Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Dr. A.K. Ratna Kumari V. Nishanthi PG Wound healing powder from Pongamia pinnata and its Phytochemical analysis and biological activities 9,500
47 22YRPEPBT02 Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Dr. E.V. Sheena S. Ramya PG Pharmacognostic, physicochemical and phytochemical Evaluation of Prosopis juliflora 10,000
48 22YRPEPBT03 Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Dr.A.K.Ratna Kumari Rajana. Rama Devi PG Preparation of Traditional pain relief oil from chosen medicinal plants and to study their Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant properties 10,000
49 22YRPEPBT04 Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Dr. D. Lakshmi V. S. Pavithra PG Bio-Plastic synthesis from Macroalgae 10,000

Total amount received from the management for Aided and Self Support = Rs.4,76,599/-