Name of the Department Programmes
History & Tourism B.A. History & Tourism (Aided)
B.Voc. Travel & Tourism (SFS)
Economics B.A.Economics  (Aided)
M.A.Economics (SFS)
English B.A. English (Aided)
B.A. English (SFS)
M.A. English (SFS)
Mathematics B.Sc.Mathematics (Aided)
B.Sc. Mathematics (SFS)
M.Sc. Applicable Mathematics (SFS)
Statistics B.Sc. Statistics (Aided)
M.Sc. Biostatistics (SFS)
Physics B.Sc. Physics (Aided)
M.Sc. Physics (SFS)
Chemistry B.Sc. Chemistry (Aided)
M.Sc. Chemistry (SFS)
Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology B.Sc. Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology (Aided)
M.Sc. Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology (SFS)
Computer Science B.Sc. Computer Science (Aided)
B.Sc. Computer Science (SFS)
B.Sc. Computer Science with Cognitive Systems (SFS)
B.Sc. Computer Science with Data Science (SFS)
B.Sc. Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (SFS)
Bachelor of Computer Application B.C.A. (SFS)
M.Sc. Computer Science (SFS)
Home Science B.Sc. Home Science Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics (SFS)
B.Sc. Nutrition Food Service Management  & Dietetics (SFS)
M.Sc. Home Science – Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics (SFS)
Psychology B.Sc. Psychology (SFS)
M.Sc. (Counseling Psychology (SFS)
Commerce B.Com. General (Aided)
B.Com. General (SFS)
B.Com. Corporate Secretaryship (SFS)
B.Com. Accounting  & Finance (SFS)
B.Com. Honours (SFS)
B.Com. Banking Insurance Management (SFS)
B.Com. Computer Applications (SFS)
B.Com. Professional Accounting (SFS)
B.Com. Information Systems Management (SFS)
M.Com. General (SFS)
M.Com. Accounting  & Finance (SFS)
Media Studies B.Sc. Visual Communication (SFS)
M.A. Journalism & Communication (SFS)
Social Work Master of Social Work MSW  (SFS)
Human Resource Management M.A. Human Resource Management HRM (SFS)
Business Administration Bachelor of Business Administration BBA  (SFS)
Tamil M.A. Tamil (SFS)
Languages General English (SFS)
General Tamil (Aided)
General Tamil (SFS)
General Hindi (Aided)
General Hindi (SFS)
General Sanskrit (Aided)
General Sanskrit (SFS)
General French (SFS)