Rotaract is a service organization that is designed to provide opportunities for our college students to participate in community service, develop leadership skills, and build friendships. The functions of  our Rotaract club include:

  • Community Service
  • Fundraising
  • Professional Development
  • International Understanding
  • Social and Networking Events
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Club Administration
  • Public Relations and Communication
  • Advocacy and Awareness
  • Partnership with Rotary Clubs
  • Mentoring and Guidance
  • International Projects
  • Community Outreach
  • Alumni Engagement

Our college Rotaract club allows students to engage in meaningful service and leadership opportunities while making a positive impact on our communities.

Rotaract Activities 2022-2023


S.No Name Of The Activity Month And Year Of The Activity Number Of Students Who Participated In Such Activities
2 LOVE TODAY 14.2.2022 50
3 HOLI 9.3.2022 400
4 PETOPIA 01.07.2022 267
6 ANBIN PUNNAGAI 27.07.2022 30
7 LOCKS OF LOVE 29.07.2022 50
8 COASTAL CLEAN 07.08.2022 20
9 VINMEEN 27.08.2022 40
10 TAMIL VS ENGLISH 28.08.2022 10
11 FUNDAMIC 18.09.2022 150
12 FUTURE ZONE 20.09.2022 300
13 QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS 21.09.2022 20
14 KARMUGIL 27.09.2022 20
15 DIVAS 15.10.2022 30
16 PAN INDIA 15.10.2022 100
17 ARENA 15.10.2022 50
18 SINGING CONTEST 16.10.2022 30
19 PUTHTHAGA THENDRAL 19.10.2022 50
20 100TH DAY OF PETOPIA 30.10.2022 5
21 ONE WALK ONE HOPE 30.10.2022 100
22 RAKSHAK FARISHTON 03.11.2022 30
23 PAAVAI 06.11.2022 30
24 WRITING MATTERS 13.11.2022 30
25 POP-UP 14.11.2022 20
26 ACHAM THAVIR 15.11.2022 TO 16.11.2022 250
27 DEAR DIARY 16.11.2022 30
28 ENKINDLE 16.11.2022 TO 17.11.2022 400
29 TELIS 18.11.2022 30
30 ARAM SEI 21.11.2022 65 kg of Rice
31 GO SET GO 20.11.2022 30
32 GRATITUDE 24.11.2022 20
33 SEVAGAM 30.11.2022 15
34 6AM CLUB 01.12.2022 50
35 GRACIOUS 03.12.2022 15
36 EYE SIGHT 15.12.2022 200
37 ANTHA PROJECT 16.12.2022 25
38 CHRISTHMAS CRYSTAL 18.12.2022 30
39 CAKE N BAKE 20.12.2022 TO 22.12.2022 150
40 SANTA BASH 22.12.2022 40
41 K-TOWN 23.12.2022 50
42 EMIGRER 23.12.2022 20
43 STYLISH TAMIZHACHI 27.01.2023 200
44 ARAM SEI 18.1.2023 to 21.1.2023 65 kg of Rice
45 BEST OF TIMES 28.02.2023 30
46 AGAPE 12.02.2023 1
47 IRAIVI 11.02.2023 200
48 SHIMMER AND SHINE 04.03.2023 150
49 RJ Diffusion 24.03.2023 30


Rotaract club of SDNB activities for the rotary year 2022-23


Rotaract Activities


2020-2021 is the 5th year of RAC of SDNBVC with highest number of enrolled members. Our theme of the year is rise by lifting others with ideology of an ant and its swarm which never loses hope and no matter how small they still put in efforts and always show a helping hand and work as a team. We belong to group 3.Our club number is 215818.This year it was not just the board but also green rotaractors and general rotaractors who led and too part in projects which created a good interaction though it was a pandemic year running virtually. We did 61 projects for this year.

ROTARY CLUB OF MADRAS – Click here to view


RID – 3232 : JULY MONTH PROJECTS Click here


Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of some ones life.  Be the light that helps others see; it is what give life, its deepest significance.- Roy T. Bennett

The Rotaract club of SDNB Vaishnav college conducted fund raising cultural programme -Bliss 2020. A part of the fund (Rs. 9000) is donated to a student and a Tab to the School Valluvar Gurukulam, Tambaram Sanitorium.  This humble gesture has added the feather of the cap of Rotaract Club of SDNB Vaishnavcollege.


Installation ceremony of Rtr. Divya as the president with her team of office bearers for the rotary year 2018-2019 was held on 10-August-2018 in the presence of Rtn.Sesha Sai, Rtn. Balaji Chinni, Rtn. Solomon Victor and DRR. Girish.


We donated 145 biscuit packets to the dogs at Blue Cross and did service like cleaning, sweeping and feeding the puppies on 26-August-2018. We also created an awareness regarding adoption of Indian breed dogs through posters in our Instagram and Facebook page.

SAHASRARA- Seek Divine

We taught the basics of yoga and its benefits for 3 days to nearly 160 girls of the Municipal Primary School, Pallavaram. We also appointed our instructor, Mrs. Marakatha Muthu of VazhgaVazhamudan centre as the regular yoga teacher for the school.


We conducted fire safety awareness program and gave a practical session for nearly 350 students of Sri.R.K.M. SaradhaVidhyalayaMt.Hr.Sec School with the help of the fire brigade headed by Mr. Senthil Kumar on 26-October-2018. We also distributed hand printouts containing the safety measures to be taken during a fire for the students. We also created posters conveying the precautions to be taken during fire.


On 5-December-2018, we visited a government day care for kids at Palani where we spent time with them by playing and provided them lunch and also treated them with chocolates.


On 6-December-2018, we spent a whole day with the farmers, we cooked and had lunch with them. We also planted 50 coconut samplings and learnt how to the field works along with them with great joy and prosperously at Palani.


On 7-December-2018, we spent time with the homeless old women who were still working at this age at the temple. We recognized them by rewarding sarees with joy.


On 10-December-2018, we visited the Municipal Primary School, Palani where we conducted talent hunt for the students and encouraged them by presenting stationary items like pencil, pen, eraser, sharpner and scale.


On 12-December-2018, we cleaned the temple with our crew, swept and mopped. We also cleaned the weeds and made way for the people to walk inside the Ponalagu Amman temple, Palani.


We celebrated our traditional festival Pongal with our 6000 green rotaractors by preparing a delicious Pongal with our board members on 10-January-2019 and 12-January-2019. We conducted traditional games like uriyadi and tug of war for our enthusiastic rotaractors.


We conducted a fund raising cultural event on 27-February-2019 in which various online, on-stage and off-stage events were held. The fund amounted from the event was used to sponsor the education of 5 mentally disabled children at the Vasantham School for Mentally disabled.


We hosted the Rotaract District event “Roto Olympics 19” held at the Nehru Stadium on 17-March-2019 with great pride.


We conducted a walkathon for Breast Cancer awareness along with Rotaract Club of Madras, Rotaract Club of Chennai, Rotaract Club of Loyola and Rotaract Club of New College. Nearly 1100 rotaractors of our club took part in the walkathon.


President Rtr. Divya and Secretary Rtr. Tamilselvi for the rotary year 18-19 presented the club projects and won the Best Presentation Award for the college based clubs. Nearly 350 rotaractors of our club witnessed the event.


Two teams from our club participated in the Polio Day awareness program at the Koyambedu and Vadapalani signals. Nearly 60 rotaractors of our club also took part in the rally at the Besant Nagar Beach for the Polio Day.