S.NoPatent IDTitle of the InventionInventorsDepartmentPublication dateCertificate of grantDownload
1 202241062977 Formulation, sensory, texture and nutrient analysis of jowar waffle R. Subaratinam (Staff)
P. Sangavi (Staff)
V. Ragasudha (Student)
M.Sc. Food Science Nutrition and Dietetics 18/11/2022 India Download
2 202241062976 Formulation of Fermented Banana Blossom (Musa acuminate) Dr. R. Vijaya Vahini (Staff)
F. Lamiya (Student)
M.Sc. Food Science Nutrition and Dietetics 18/11/2022 India Download
3 202241060284 Black Rice Milk incorporated Panneer Dr. V. Subasshini (Staff)
S. Geetha (Staff)
J. A. Aysha Thaseen (Student)
M.Sc. Food Science Nutrition and Dietetics 04/11/2022 India Download
4 202241060274 Formulation and Quantity evaluation of ready-to-reconstitute value added health mix using Navara Rice(Shastika shali) Dr. Renu Agarwal (Staff)
N. Anu Priya (Student)
M.Sc. Food Science Nutrition and Dietetics 04/11/2022 India Download
5 202241059656 Designing an English Language Learning Mobile Application for Learners with Visual Impairment for Government High School Students in Tamil Nadu Karthika.J(staff)
Sri Takshara.K (Student)
Sowmiya.G (Student)
Akshaya.N (Student)
Janane.G (Student)
BlesslinFemi.J (Student)
M.A English 28/10/2022 India Download
6 202241059686 Enhancing the Active English Listening Skills of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) through Mobile Assisted Language Learning Karthika.J (Staff)
Rose Esther Rani.M (Student)
M.A English 28/10/2022 India Download
7 202241051478 A new multi-phase feature selection framework for the prediction of Breast cancer drug using Machine Learning Techniques G. Shobana (Research Scholar)
Dr.N.Priya (Staff)
Computer Science 16/09/2022 India Download
8 202241045604 Interactive College Campus Map with live Chatbot Dr.M.Mahadevi (Staff)
Dr.N.Priya (Staff)
S. Sneha (Student)
T.V Sandhya (Student)
Y. Vidhya (Student)
M.Sc Computer Science 26/08/2022 India Download
9202241041929Enhancing The Communication Skills Of Learners With Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired And ADHD Students Through Mobile Assisted Language LearningDr.N.Priya (Staff)                  Dr.M.Mahadevi (Staff)
Kamala.C(Student)                          Preyanga.R (Student)
M.Sc Computer Science29/07/2022IndiaDownload
10202241041930Design And Implementation Of Three Layered EBC Protocol For Secure Data Transfer In EnthreeDr.N.Priya  (Staff)                  Dr.M.Mahadevi (Staff)    
Swetha E (Student)
Saranya S(Student)
Sripriya N (Student)    
M.Sc Computer Science29/07/2022IndiaDownload
11202241039231A Novel Feature selection approach to classify breast cancer drug using optimized Grey Wolf AlgorithmG. Shobana (Research Scholar)
Dr.N. Priya  (Staff)    
Computer Science15/07/2022IndiaDownload
12202241038973Prediction of Learning Disability of the Children using Adaptive Effective Feature Engineering TechniquesC. Radhika (Research Scholar)
Computer Science15/07/2022IndiaDownload
132021104534A System and Method for analysing Tamil tweets into Positive and Negative SentimentDr.S. Rajeswari (Staff)M.Sc Computer Science05/05/2022AustraliaDownload