Shrimathi Devkunvar Nanalal Bhatt Vaishnav College For Women started the Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship Development (VCIIED). It acts as an centre for all the entrepreneurship related activities of the institution. The institution has been a pioneer in empowering women to promote emerging technological and knowledge-based innovative ventures. The objective of VCIIED is to nurture students, faculty, and alumni through entrepreneurial training for recognizing the early start-ups. It promotes collaborative networks through partnerships between Academia, Industry and Government. The vision of VCIIED is to support and render start-ups into a profitable entity. Thereby nurturing the society by nudging the entrepreneurs with integrity and sustainability, without any barriers.

SDNB Vaishnav Innovation Start-up Policy

SDNB Vaishnav Innovation Start-up Policy 


Our college is being successful in nurturing women students to become an individual independent citizen of the country. Now it is the need of the hour to motivate and empower young minds to widen their thoughts and appreciate to ideate by providing mentoring support. Apparently, this support makes them to traverse in diversifying and dynamic path to take up the role of prospective and successful student entrepreneurs (studentrepreneurs) .

To support the students in Innovation and to encourage them to start their own business, Our College has adopted the National Innovation Start-up Policy 2019(NISP) and framed the SDNB Vaishnav Innovation Start-up Policy 2021 as per the guidelines of National Innovation Start-up Policy 2019(NISP).

National Innovation and Startup Policy (MoE)
Tamil Nadu Startup & Innovation Policy
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