E-Edu Govern also helps in imparting Computer Literacy to all Students (both Arts & Science).The courses are offered to them taking their future into consideration by the college. Now-a-days academic results will not help to face the challenging world. These courses will make our students more valuable to others. The students also show great enthusiasm towards these courses. These courses are offered at affordable fees.

Teaching and Learning Methodology

Each and every module is explained and demonstrated using LC. The students are allowed to practice the module that has been taught to them. At the end of the course online examinations and practical examinations are conducted. The students are graded depending upon their performance and certificate is issued accordingly. The entire setup is working towards accomplishing our objective and the goal is very much at our vicinity.

Staff in the Department are

  • Mrs. N.V.Vijayalakshmi , M.Sc.(IT), M.Phil., (Head- In-Charge)
  • Mrs. V. Hema Malini, M.Sc.(IT), M.Phil., MBA
  • Mrs. T. Ezhil Sindhu, M.Sc.(IT), M.Phil.,
  • Mrs. M.Ezhilarasi, M.C.A, M.Phil.,
  • Mrs. S. Ramya, M.Sc.(IT)
  • Mrs. Priya, M.Phil., M.C.A
  • Mrs. Divya Sterlin, M.Phil., M.C.A