B.A. (English)

B.A. (English)

Aided Timings : 8.15 am to 1.15 p.m

Self Finance : 1pm to 5.30pm


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Syllabus 2021-2022 (OBE)

Course Highlights

The course prepares students for the future by inculcating an interest in literature and to learn the nuances of the English language  through practice of LSRW skills. Syllabus is designed to balance interest in literature and   develop a competency in spoken English            

Journalism, an elective subject has been introduced to hone their creative skills and also a prepare  them for a career in journalism after their post graduation

·         Making optimum use of the autonomous status in evolving a syllabi that will upgrade the knowledge of the faculty and students.

·         Introducing a paper in communications skills that will enable them to effectively communicate – the need of the hour.

·         Increasing the number of job-oriented subjects — Translations and Journalism.

·         Creating an awareness of women’s problems with a paper on Women’s Writings, which will also inspire them to strive for higher goals.

·         Providing them with views of feminists and adopting a positive approach to the gender issues.

·         Combining theoretical knowledge with practical training.