• Students should be in their class rooms before the commencement of the classes. The students on no account should leave the college premises till the classes are over.
  • All students must attend the prayer every day.students should stand still and maintain discipline while the prayer is going on.
  • All students must attend all meetings and extra-curricular activities conducted in the college.
  • It is expected of every student to wish the Principal and members of the staff. Any breach of etiquette of propriety of good conduct offending the good name of the institution will be taken serious notice of the Principal.
  • Even outside the College the students are expected to behave and conduct themselves in a manner that will raise the esteem of the College in the public mind.
  • Students should not talk in loud tones on the corridors intentionally or unintentionally when the Principal or a member of the staff passes by or even otherwise.
  • Students should cultivate the habit of looking at  e- notice boards daily. Ignorance of any such notice thus posted will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it, since all circulars relating to competitions, payment of fees, scholarships, concessions, etc.
  • The students are to dress neatly and modestly.
  • Personal hygiene and keeping the environment clean, neat and tidy will be insisted upon. Sufficient care should be exercised while using the toilet.
  • Collection of money or selling of tickets of any nature should not be done without the permission of the Principal.
  • No student should break the rules and regulations laid by the college. Indiscipline, arrogance and injurious habit in a student will call for severe punishment.
  • Under the Tamil Nadu Government Education Rules the Principal is empowered to inflict fine, withhold attendance certificate and suspend or expel any students if considered necessary by her to do so.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the Principal and the members of the staff, if the student is to be corrected. Every student is expected to co-operate with the Principal and staff and do her best to build a good reputation of  the college.
  • Each student is being provided with an identity card every year.Only on production of this card, students will be issued the hall ticket for the University examinations. This is all the more important that the student should produce the card if the student needs any certificate from the Head of the Institution of the Department/ Office.
  • A series of tests will be conducted regularly by each department  to evaluate the understanding  skills of students
  • All students should regularly take all the tests and examinations conducted in all subjects. If not, the course of action will be determined by the authorities concerned.
  • Academic performance and attendance will be intimated to the parent/guardian through the progress sheets.
  • A student has to acquire a minimum of Seventy Five percent attendance of the total working days prescribed by the college, for University examinations.
  • All students will be given sufficient encouragement to progress in their respective innate talents. Such students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. Parents are requested to encourage such healthy activities in their wards.


(For parent’s reference)

  • PUNCTUALITY: Student should be punctual in attending the college. Severe action will be taken against the late comers. Student should also attend the Practical Classes regularly on time.
  • ATTENDANCE:  As  per  standing  Instructions  of  the  University of Madras, a student will be permitted to appear for the University Examination only if the student secures 75% of attendance in the year and the conduct of the student has been satisfactory. Students who fall to fulfill the above conditions will be detained without information.
  • RAGGING: In any form has been banned by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Any student Indulges in ragging inside or outside the Campus will be dismissed and such student will not be admitted in any Educational Institution. Apart from that she will be liable for Criminal action and punishment will be, imprisonment for TWO years and a fine of Rs.10,000/-, hence students are strictly instructed to desist from such activities.
  • DISCIPLINE: Students should maintain discipline inside the Class Rooms, Campus and outside the College (at Railway Station, Trains, Bus  Stops  and  in  other  places). Any  information  received  about their indiscipline and misbehaviour will be investigated and severe disciplinary action will be taken against the students found guilty.
  • DRESS CODE: Every student is expected to be decently dressed.
  • LEAVE: If the student wants to avail of any leave, she should obtainprior sanction from the Class-in-charge /HODs concerned in advance.In unforeseen circumstances, necessary intimation should be sent to the Principal through Post/Telegram indicating the number of days for which leave is required. When the student attends class after leave. a conformation letter signed by the parent should be submitted to the Class-in-charge/HOD to get the leave sanctioned, Leave letters submitted after availing leave will not be accepted. The printed leave application forms should be obtained from the college office.
  • TESTS & ASSIGNMENTS: Students are instructed to take seriously,Periodical Tests and Assignments. Absence from tests  will be viewed seriously.
  • PARENT’S SUPPORT: Parents are requested to watch closely the performance, regularity, conduct and character of their wards, and also make periodical visits to the College and meet the Principal and Staff-in-charge at least once in a month to know about the regularity and progress of their wards.
  • PROGRESS REPORTS: showing the marks secured by the students in the periodical Tests and Attendance particulars will be sent for the information of parents. If the performance of the student is not up to the expectations, parents should take appropriate remedial action.
  • ADDRESS CHANGE: Any change in address should be reported to the office immediately.
  • Parents are requested to extend their full Co-operation to the Principal and Staff in their efforts to maintain discipline, decorum and proper behavior of the students and to keep up the good name of the Institution.