The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the College became functional in 2003 based on the recommendations of NAAC. The cell is actively involved in channelizing efforts and measures towards achieving academic excellence.

Qualitative Improvement of Teaching & Learning Processes are facilitated by organising Conferences/Workshops/Seminars periodically on teaching pedagogy and multidisciplinary areas of relevance. Faculty members are motivated to synthesize research into teaching. Periodic Academic Audits by external subject experts help in monitoring the quality parameters of Teaching Learning Process, which is evaluated through a sound feedback mechanism involving the various stakeholders.

Student Progression is ascertained by the mentoring system which ensures holistic development, paving way for career advancement. The activities of the College are well documented electronically through the College Information System.

The Annual Quality Assurance Reports, All India Higher Education Survey Reports, Annual reports and National Institutional Ranking Framework data are submitted annually to the respective regulatory bodies.