Title of the Practice

Building the Future of Sustainability and Indian Knowledge System through 21st Century  Skills.

Objectives / intended outcomes of the Practice

  • To empower the teaching, non-teaching, and student communities in order to strategically steer the value of SDGs and IKS through academic transformation.
  • To provide the same access to a quality education to all women students
  • To develop the sustainable goals and to demonstrate standardization through curriculum
  • To create an educational ecosystem to learn and teach in unison
  • To restructure curricula, pedagogy and assessments with the aim of enhancing students’ 21st century skills and knowledge organisation.

The Context

Teaching and learning in an interesting way that would overcome obstacles in terms of culture, psychology, and finances. Through internal automation and a learning management system, standard, affordable, and safe services are integrated to learn all  essential skills and acquire ‘ancient’ knowledge system.            

The Practice

With many resources available to learn about the current and comprehensive curriculum, high end technology is used extensively for academic and administrative functions.  For anytime, anywhere access to the resources, customised digital repositories and proctored tools were created, tested, and successfully housed on the cloud. The difficulties discovered contributed in the development of an advanced digital knowledge system.

Evidence of Success

Liberal learning, problem-solving abilities, sociological skills, critical thinking, the proper attitude towards any task, collaborative learning, and self-awareness have all been ingrained and developed by the practice. Indian higher education places a strong emphasis on encouraging solidarity through ethical citizenship. Through a series of wellness initiatives, our college community joined together to overcome the challenges that the  global pandemic had created to mankind.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Although frequent and timely counselling was provided to the needy students, it was initially challenging because so many students were in despair and dejection. For many whose lives were torn apart by the pandemic, perseverance was their only weapon. It was a tremendous yet manageable undertaking to instill hope and sustenance in such students.  The resources needed to construct a good environment are confidence, tolerance, perseverance, and togetherness, and our college enthusiastically generates one for future generations.  

AQAR Best Practices 2020-2021