Best Practices

  1. Title of the Practice

Equity and Equality Education to All Women Students

2. Objectives  / intended outcomes  of the Practice

            The objectives of this practice embrace the vision and mission of our college which include bringing in inclusiveness, emotional quotient balance, leadership qualities, humanistic approach and entrepreneurial skills. The objectives and the intended outcomes are

  • To provide the same access to a quality education to all women students
  • To promote same standards and objectives to all despite students’ abilities or experiences
  • To advocate different platforms for understanding and exhibiting needs and talents that are to respond in different ways by each student
  • To develop the sustainable goals and to demonstrate standardization through curriculum
  • To create an educational ecosystem to learn and teach in unison

The underlying principles or concepts of this practice

Providing equity and equality to women students is paving a way to excellence in their future life.  The underlying principles are

  • To grow the learning potential of students to influence their future with the nature of education provided
  • To encourage staff members in developing curricula, pedagogy and assessments with the aim of enhancing students’ skills and knowledge organisation.
  • To assimilate active inquiry and practical knowledge  to foster the goal of success and fulfilment among students

3.  The Context

What were the contextual features or challenging issues that needed to be addressed in designing and implementing this practice? (in about 30 words)

All students come with a dream that to be fulfilled at the portal of an educational institution. Our college embraces timely changes and challenges that are converted and translated into workable approaches, keeping our students betterment at the prime significance. Our students are from every walk of life and we provide scholarship (private and government bodies) to the deserving students to achieve their pursuit without any financial hindrances. This pandemic has changed the concept of learning from offline to online and we have provided FREE smartphones to students who were in need of. Thermal Scanner is installed at the entrance to make sure that everyone is safe and secure on the college campus.

Challenges are always the next step to improve and progress. In the process, initially during the lockdown reaching students extensively was difficult due to various emotional and psychological implications but gradually with the support of management, staff and students, an appreciative result was estimated and the support of the stakeholders is the best part in implementing this practice.

4.  The Practice

Describe the best practice and its uniqueness in the context of India higher education. What were the constraints / limitations, if any, faced? (in about 50 words)

All students are talented and we provide structured programmes for our students to live their dream. From NCC to NSS to Rotract to fine arts to EDP to start up to research etc., everything is provided to all students without any reservation. Equal importance is given to educational, co-curricular, extracurricular activities and there are various clubs and cells like SDNB TED Talk, Wellness forum, AI club, Talkology club, Citizen Customer club, Enviro Club, that provide exposure to every student in various fields. SDNB TED Talk is a forum – for the students, of the students and by the students and this forum gives a platform to share their wonderful winning and learning stories with their counterparts that has transformed and up skilled the students’ community with a great impact. All students are offered JeevanKaushal-Life skills program at three levels: Personality development program and Verbal Reasoning for I years, Personality development program and Analytical reasoning for II Years and Career skills and Quantitative aptitude for III years. This free course helps them to develop their soft skills along with their hard skills.

5.  Evidence of Success

Provide evidence of success such as performance against targets and benchmarks, review/results. What do these results indicate? Describe in about 40 words.

The evidence of success is the ultimate happiness of our stakeholders in achieving their dream. The practice has instilled and improved liberal learning, problem solving skills, socio skills, critical thinking, right attitude towards any challenge, collaborative learning and self-awareness. The pass percentage, higher education pursuit and placement records have proved that our students have moved forward to the next step in their successful journey.

6.  Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Please identify the problems encountered and resources required to implement the practice (in about 30 words).

During pandemic, the world has become a VUCA world and it was filled with uncertainty. Many students were under despair and dejection, so initially it was difficult though timely counseling was done frequently to the needy students. Perseverance was the only weapon for those whose life was fractured due to pandemic. Building hope and sustenance among such students was a herculean but not an impossible task.  Confidence, tolerance, persistence, togetherness are the resources required to build a wonderful milieu and our college sanguinely creates one for the future generation.