Department of Mathematcs(Aided)

Assistant Professor

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Academic background:

  • Ph.D.    Mathematics    from  Anna Univeristy in       2004-2008
  • M.Phil  Mathematics   Anna University                    1999-2000
  • M.Sc.   Mathematics   University of Madras             1996-1998
  • B.Sc.    Mathematics    University of Madras,            1993-1996
  • SET      Mathematics    Bharathiar University            March 2000

Experience : 18 years

Research Interest/Specialisation:  Formal Languages, Graph Theory, Differential Equations



  1. Patterns of Sierpinski square Snowflake Curve and their Generation with P systems(2018), Communicated to Iranian   Journal of Pure Mathematics Sciences and Informatics:P.S. Azeezunnisha ,S. Hemalatha , Atulya k. Nagar and Sreeram
  2. Picture Array Generation Based on Membrane Systems and 2D Context –Free Grammars(2017) in  Journal of Mathematics and Informatics (JMI): P.S. Azeezunnisha, S. Hemalatha , N..Gnanamalar David and K.G.Subramanian. VOl 7 PP 33-44
  3. ‘A Variant of Extended Two –Dimensional Context – Free Picture Grammar’(2016)  in an International  Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM): P.S. Azeezunnisha , S. Hemalatha , Atulya k. Nagar and K.G.Subramanian, Vol 109,No 5, PP 51-58,
  4. Prasanna Venkatesan A.S., D.G.Thomas, Hemalatha S.”Hexagonal splicing P system” JCMCC 84(2013), pp. 113-126,

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    No. 2, pp. 1-11.

Conference Proceedings

  1. Picture Generating P systems based on (l/u) mode Pure 2D Context Free Grammar with Conditional Rewriting(2019), Proceedings of  National conference on “Automata, Graphs and Logic”, Madras Christian College:P.S. Azeezunnisha ,S. Hemalatha,18.1-19.0, Narosa Publishing house ,ISBN 978-81-8487-649-9
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  4. Hemalatha S., Dersanambika K.S., Subramanian K.G. and Sri Hari Nagore C. (2005),  ‘P systems generating 3D rectangular pictures’, Proceedings of “First International Workshop on Theory and Applications of P Systems”, Romania, pp. 69-73.