Department: M.Sc. Home Science-Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics
Subject: Human Development
Experience: 13 Years
Educational Qualification:
“M.Sc. (2002) in Human-Development (H.Sc.)
M.Phil. (2007) in Human Development (H.Sc.)
UGC- NET- JRF June’12 (Human Development (H.Sc.))
Ph.D. (HR)
PGDCA One Year Certificate Course in “Early Childhood Education: Philosophy and Administration of School”, (2000-2001)”

About Faculty:
Dr Renu Agarwal, M Sc, M. Phil, MBA, UGC-NET-JRF and PhD, working as Dean of New Age Sciences and Head – PG department of Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, Assistant Professor since May 2013 in SDNB Vaishnav College for Women. She has total teaching and research experience over 14 years. Her areas of interest in teaching and research include all areas of Home Science and Human Resource Management. She has PG diplomas in “Computer Applications”, “Early Childhood Education:School Administration” and “Guidance & Counselling”. She attended many National and International conferences, seminars, workshops etc and published over 15 research articles in the journals of National and International repute and completed 4 research projects on “Stress Management”.She is registered as a PhD guide with JJTU, Raj. (jjt/2k9/cmg/514).