All growth depends on activity.There is no development,
physical or intellectual, without effort
and effort means work.
Calvin Coolidge

The College campus scrolls across 10 acres of land. It has massive concrete structures and adequate infrastructure for academic programmes and administrative functions. The college houses more than 66 fully furnished classrooms, Computer Labs, Science Labs, Photography lab, Preview theatre, Auditorium, Mini-Auditorium, Hostel, Indoor Stadium, digital library, language laboratory, Audio-Visual a/c hall, state-of-the-art Controller’s office, staff room with computers, intercom with internet connectivity, canteen, ATM, photo copy room, stationery etc.,



Nature is a system of dynamic balances, where much importance is given to bio-diversity in the present era and occasionally when a state of equilibrium has been disturbed, nature always attempts to establish a new balance between the forces involved. Nature, like a kind and smiling mother, lends her to our dreams and cherishes our fancies. Our students’ ‘haven on earth’ conceptual Botanical and herbal garden proves that this is an eco-friendly campus.

A proper blend of faith and reason will help us to lead a virtuous life for the two are inseparables. With this objective, in our temple of learning, we have a separate shrine for Lord Vigneshwara, a statue for Lord Krishna – embodiment of power and Goddess Saraswathy – symbolizing intellectual pursuit in the middle of our campus, welcoming all with a cheerful smile.

Hostel as a residential unit can develop community living, provide security especially for women students whose increasing mobility to seek education is overwhemling. Keeping this in mind, the college has set up a hostel on campus for our students with hi-tech facilities. Spacious, airy and ventilated rooms with adequate lighting and lush green lawns create a wonderful ambience for the students staying here. It has a prayer hall with green stained glass exteriors, arching vaults, and intricate marble works. Recreational quotient is also fulfilled by providing our students with the facilities of using TV, play court , books etc

Special features of the Hostel are:

  • Recreation Lounge
  • Reading Hall
  • Visitors Lounge
  • Reverse Osmosis Mineral water plant