Department: M.Sc PB & PBT
Experience: 10 Years 8 Months
Educational Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D, DCA & OM, DCA & EX. Secretary

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About Faculty:
Positions held: Assistant Professor (Present), Acted as head of the Department from 2011- 2018, Staff Secretary, Autonomous exam valuation committee member, Placement co- ordinator, Admission Co-ordinator.

Research Area : Algology, halophilic bacteria, Plant and microbial metabolites, Nanotechnology, Bioremediation.

Achievements: Presented more than 12 papers in various International & National Conferrences and has 7 GenBank submissions with accession Nos.: EU 847143, KT943567, KT943568, KT943569, KT943570, KT943571, KT943572.


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