Designation : Assistant Professor

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Qualification : M.A. English, M.A. Hindi, B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

Specialization : English Language Teaching, Task Based Teaching



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Articles in Conference proceedings

Anil,B.(2011) AB Poetry Teaching,  International Conference in Language and Linguistics,  Bharathiar University, India [ISBN 978-81-910681-7-7]

Anil,B.(2011)  Using Rhymes and Stories in Language Acquisition – A study,  NCEE-2011, India [ISBN 9788189843465].

Anil,B.(2010)  Language Teaching through Multimedia,  Kogwis 2010, Germany. [ISBN 978-3-86956-087-8]

International level Editorial Board

The Asian EFL Journal ( Scopus indexed)

 Journal of Languages for Specific Purposes

 IGI publications, USA

Indonesia Journal of English Language and Linguistics

International level Reviewer of Journals

The Linguistics Journal (Scopus indexed)

Multiculturalism and Technology Enhanced Language Learning by Margarida Romero and DaraTafazoli (Book)

TESOL Journal, USA (Scopus Indexed) (2017-19)

International Advisory Board of Association

  •  Development of Teaching, Education and Learning (ADTEL)
  • Global Psychology and Language Research Foundation,  India
  • Teaching & Education Research Association (TERA), Eurasia, 2018- till date
  • Member, Laureate-Cambridge Online Language Learning Research Network (OLLReN)

Guest Editor of an International Journal

International Journal of New trends in English Language Teaching (IJNTELT), IGI Publications, USA, 2018

Online poetry publication

  • SILENCE – The Text Journal, vol.2, issue 1, January 2020
  • A WILL – A WAY’ in GNOSIS Journal (UGC indexed Journal), January 2018.
  • ‘Pinnacle of Glory’ published in
  •  ‘Decipher Days’ published in
  •  ‘Kitchen’ published in Poetry nation