Day 1 25.08.2019- Inauguration
Theme: Vizhumun Ezhuvom

Introduction to camp

S.D.N.B Vaishnav College for Women, PG Department of Social Work First Year students in collaboration with Rotary Club of Madras jointly organised Rural Camp 2019 on the theme ”VIZHUMUN EZHUVOM”in the village named Kannankottai and Thathaiyar Kandigai (Kavaraipettai) located in Gummidipoondi Taluk, Thiruvallur District. We planned our seven days programs from 25th August 2019 to 31st August 2019. Our Camp is been inaugurated in presence of the Chief Guest Mr. Jeevanandam, Founder of Nalamthana Foundation and also the Camp Coordinators Mrs. S. Helen Sha Diana and Miss. K. Priyadharshini, Assistant Proffessors. The main objective of the camp is to analyse the problems prevailing in that community and create awareness through street play, mime & Case Study. During the period of the camp we are planning to organize General Medical camp, Eye camp and many awareness programmes for the children, women, youth and vulnerable people in the rural community based on the Social, Domestic, Health and Environmental issues prevailing in that community.

Inauguration Day

The campers of I MSW started travelling from S.D.N.B Vaishnav College, Chromepet, through van for our Rural Camp 2019 to Kannankottai, Gummidipoondi.The campers reached kavaraipettai junction, waited for internal travel and after the arrival of bus, we shifted the things. Then we started travelling to Amaramedu accommodation (Primary Health Centre) we reached the PHC by 12:21pm.Meanwhile the NSS students have been reached Kavaraipettai.The internal travel again went to pick up the NSS students along with a Camp Coordinator Mrs. S. Helen Sha Diana and they reached the accommodation by 1:37pm. After the arrival of Nss students, the campers along with the NSS students started travelling from PHC TO KANNANKOTTAI for collecting the survey.


After reaching Kannankottai, the camp coordinator Mrs. S. Helen Sha Diana had oriented, divided the NSS students into two per team and has put one student in charge from MSW. The streets of Kannankottai where the students took survey were Mettu colony, Keezhtheru, and etc. The village people co- operated well and answered though it was a first attempt for the students. The people did not hesitate to answer for the questions asked by the students. They supported the students and it was a great start of the rural camp.

Awareness Class

The awareness class was headed by Assistant Prof. K. Priyadharshini and initiated by Miss. Femina Jaisy(Co Convenor of Program committee)and Miss. Janani(one of the Campers) It was conducted for the boys who is staying in Rotary Club of Madras Boys Town Society. The awareness topic was “Motivational”. Nearly 70 Boys have participated in the awareness class and came to know their future goals and how to frame those. It was an enlightening class for the boys to know about their future and to plan by their own. The boys made the session interactive and were very receptive.


Inauguration program was started at KANNANKOTTAI with lighting the lamp and the lamp was been lightened by the Chief Guest Mr. Jeevanantham, Founder of Nalamthana Trust, followed by the Camp Coordinators Mrs. S. Helen Sha Diana and Miss. K. Priyadharshini (Assistant Professors) and two people from kannankottai. Cultural programme continued with the camp song and the cultural awareness programme, welcome dance by Miss. Sarojini(camper). Prof. Mrs. S. Helen Sha Diana felicitated the Chief Guest by giving a memento. The chief guest was accompanied by the staff members of Nalamthana trust namely Mr. Uyavandhan, Mr. Karal Marks, Mr. Bharathiraja, Mr. Deepanchakaravathi. Presentation about the camp was given by Miss. Nagomi followed by street theatre and Gummi dance. The chief guest started to orient about the usage of toilets and impact of sanitation and health project, He also have projected a documentary on the same topic. The chief guest asked the gatherings to have a minute of silent prayer for Mr. Arun Jetlee (late). He has also projected another documentary on Cancer effects for the Campers and asked for suggestions. Some of the campers have suggested the documentary to be more practical and not narrative. Action speaks louder than voice. It was all noted by the Nalamthana crew and thanked the gatherings for the attention. The program ended with Vote of Thanks by Miss. Nagomi.

Day 2 26.08.2019 – Women Empowerment
Theme: Vidium Varai Kural Kodu


The campers have conducted survey at thathaiyarkandigai village for an hour and came to know that the village people are very unhygienic but they are interested to undergo skill based trainings and awareness program if conducted nearby. Though there is water scarcity, the built toilets is been used by the village people.

Awareness at Thathaiyarkandigai

After the survey the campers mobilized the village people for the awareness session which was conducted for women due to the excess of time. The awareness programme was initiated by Miss. Lipna (Convenor of Program Committee) and Miss. Sarojini (Convenor of Cultural Committee) on menstrual and personal hygiene for women at thathaiyarkandigai village, more than 50 women participated and gained knowledge. The beneficiaries got benefited with the methods of hand washing and the ways to keep the body hygienic during menstrual cycle. Some of the women have voluntarily come in front and demonstrated the methods of hand washing. The session was very interactive and informative.

Awareness at Kannankottai

Then the campers travelled to kannankottai and gathered 100 day workers for awareness program especially women. The awareness program was initiated by miss. Aishwarya (Convenor of Accommodation Committee) and Miss. Ragavi(Convenor of Food Committee), it was totally a skill based training programme. The target group was been taught of bangle making, entrepreneurship and embroidering. More than 120 women have participated and got benefited. Few women came forward and have tried embroidering, experienced to stitch the clothes. The session triggered an idea in the women’s mind to have their own business through jewellery making and sewing or stitching clothes.

Adding to it, Miss. Lipna (Convenor of Program Committee) and Miss. Sarojini (Convenor of Cultural Committee) have taught the women about cleanliness, Menstrual hygiene and soap making. All the women showed much interest to learn soap making and asked for the ingredients and methods to make, they asked doubts and got clarified. Soap with neem leaves, Aloevera, Carrot, Beet Root and papaya juice, milk, kuppaimeni etc, had been taught by Miss. Sarojini. The campers witnessed great impact on that session and it was very useful to everyone present there. The programme was more interactive and received effective feedba ck from the target group.

Input session

Input session was conducted for the campers by Mr. Premjii(Founder, Sasha Foundation) on the topic “Students Social Responsibility”. He shared the scope of Social workers in different fields such as NGOs, Hospitals, Government and private sectors. The campers learnt from the session were self awareness, social responsibility, types of fields and Job vacancies in government and in private sector. It was a motivational session to the campers and had an idea on their future goals and motives. Mr. Premji was accompanied with Miss. Anandhi(Founder, Urudhikol Organisation) who is a differently abled person and she gave motivational talk to the campers. It was very inspirational and useful to the campers. Being disabled she achieved her best to the society and it was adorable. The campers felt glad to have Miss. Anandhi in their midst.


Cultural program was held at kannankottai village on women empowerment. The campers have mobilized the village people for cultural program. The chief Guest was Miss. G. Rengasami(Dean, Vinayaga Mission University), she told a story to the gatherings on moral values, parenting techniques and respect to others. The Resource Person was Mr. Premji(Founder, sasha Foundation), he shared importance of education to women and to stand on own in life. He was accompanied by Miss. Anandhi(Founder, Urudhikol) The cultural started with various programs like welcome dance, street theatre was done on female infanticide, Domestic Violence and rights of women and mime was on……. . The program ended with Vote of Thanks.

Day3 27.08.2019 – Awareness on De Addiction
Theme: Nilai Maara Thadai Enna


The campers have mobilized the men at kannankottai for the De Addiction awareness program, more than 40 men Turned up and participated in the programme. It was initiated by Miss. Devi (Time keeper) and Miss. Preethi (Member, Food committee). The impact of Alcohol, ill effects of it, preventive measures and the treatment ideas were given or taught to the men gathered there. Prof. Mrs. S. Helen Sha Diana has shared her testimony, causes and challenges that the family members face due to alcoholism with the target group. The session was more enthusiastic & useful to the men. Some of the men asked for Referrals to nearby De Addiction centres where they can admit themselves. Referrals and suggestions were given by the Camp Coordinators and the session came to an end.


The campers travelled to Keemalore from Kannankottai through the internal travels and conducted survey at keemalore for the impact assessment of water & sanitation by rotary club of Madras. The campers were divided into two and sent for door to door visit. People at keemalore had cooperated well, welcomed, answered for all the questions without any hesitation. According to the survey the campers came to know that most of the people are using the toilets and they feel that the toilet built is very useful to them. Few use it as store room or bathroom or as they want. Few suggested fulfilling the construction of the toilets; due to some leakages they are not using it and few due to lack of water supply.

The campers travelled to the Accommodation and the input session started with the welcome address. The Resource Person Was Mr. Yugesh,(Senior Project Associate, ENERJI GROUPS). He shared message on Self Awareness. He conducted activities to improve/aware of our skills. Campers had learnt from the session was like Effective Communication, Listening, Active Participation Skills and to know about ourselves. It was an eye awakening session to self motivates, to listen to others, to empathize and etc. The session ended with vote of thanks.


Mobilization was done at Kannankottai for Cultural awareness program. It was started at kannankoattai village on De Addiction in the evening. Due to heavy rain the program was shifted to Rotary Club of Madras Boys Town at Amaramedu. Mr. Aravindraj (Founder and Director of Trust Way Foundation) was the chief guest of the Program. He shared His life experience to motivate the Boys of Rotary Club of Madras Boys Town. The chief Guest was accompanied with Miss. Priya (Social Worker) and other two staff members or field assistants who work as counsellors at Trust way Foundation. The chief Guest was been honoured by Mr. Kannan (Manager, Rotary Boys Town). The campers have conducted cultural like street theatre on impact of alcoholism, how it affects the family and the stages of it; Dance, Puppetry on impacts of alcohol in the family. And the cultural winded up with vote of thanks.

Day 4 28.08.2019 Value Education
Theme: Uyarthu Vazha Uyirthelu


The Campers Travelled to keemalore and conducted survey in the morning. The left houses were covered for survey. The survey gave the full-fledged detail about the toilet usage at that village.

Awareness Program and Activities

The campers Travelled to kannankottai primary school to conduct awareness program about good touch and bad touch, it was initiated by Miss. Angel (Convenor, Documentation Committee) and Miss. Saranya(member of program committee). The children were taught about good and bad touch. The children were knowledged about it and were receptive during the session. After that the children of 4th and 5th were asked to stay for skill based class where the other children were participating in the games conducted outdoor by Miss. Dhanya (Member, Cultural Committee) and Miss. Angalina Nancy (Co convenor, Cultural Committee). The children were engaged with various games. The other students were taught with various skills with activities like effective communication, problem solving and creative thinking. After the session, the 4th, 5th standard students were also included in the games and they were happily participated in each and everything. The session ended by giving thanks to the staff members and Head master by taking a group picture.

Input session

The campers travelled to the accommodation and the input session was started with welcome address. The resource person was Mr. Jersallo(Manager, Magic Bus Foundation), he demonstrated the concept through activities on Decision making in uncomfortable situation and also how to handle the problems very briefly. He has conducted many activities (outdoor games) to the campers where all the campers were actively participating. The campers got good practical knowledge on the topic and everyone came out of their own shell. The session was interesting and exciting.


The campers along with the camp Coordinators were asked to attend a meeting in the evening with Mr. Rtn. S Ravi (Director, Rotary Club Of Madras) and other officials of Rotary Club of Madras at Rotary Boys Town, Amaramedu. In that meeting they have discussed about the impact of the survey and suggestions given by the campers were noted by the Rotary Club officials. They encouraged and motivated the campers to go ahead with the camp and thanked for the effective efforts been put towards the survey by the campers. The session ended with vote of thanks.


Due to heavy rain, the campers could not go to kannankottai for cultural program, so the Cultural was planned to conduct at Boys town itself. Children at Boys town were assembled and the cultural program started with camp song asusual. Mr.kannan(Manager, Roatary Club of Madras Boys Town) was the chief Guest for that day and he also gave various good suggestions and how to develop, self motivation. The campers performed street theatre by the way of showing the importance of value education for the students’ goodness and to develop their career in future; dance was there and the rotary boys have exhibited their talents through dance, Skit, singing and yoga. It was all good and the boys were happy for showing their talents. The program ended with Vote of thanks

Day 5 29.08.2019 – Youth Empowerment
Theme: Indraya Vithai Nalaiya Maram


The Campers travelled to kannankottai for case study about water and sanitation project. The campers were divided into four in each group and given a target group such as Children, Youth, women, Elderly. Each group went all over the streets of Kannankottai, interviewed the allotted target group, and took pictures and video for reference. The case study was useful to know about the individuals’ opinion on the toilets built by Rotary Club of Madras.


After the case study the campers conducted brief class about Rain water Harvesting for 9th standard students in kannankottai government higher secondary school. It was initiated by Prof. Miss. K. Priyadharshini (Camp Coordinator). The session followed by conducting rally for creating awareness to save rain water within the village. Nearly 300 students have took part and awareness was given to the community. The Village Administrative Officer Mr. M. Venkatesh Kumar has started the rally by cutting the ribbon at Government High School Kannankottai and also he took part in it till the end. The rally was very successful.

Input Session

The campers travelled to Accommodation in the internal travel for Input session. It has been given by Mr. Muthukumar (Counsellor and Social Worker), he took the campers to Keemalore village which was nearby along with one of the camp coordinators Miss. K. Priyadharshini. The campers actively participated and learnt to do resource mapping, in keemalore village. All the Campers gained knowledge about resource mapping in field level. The session was exciting and interesting. The campers along with the camp coordinator and resource person had travelled to the Accommodation and prepared for the cultural program.


The campers along with the resource person and camp coordinators travelled to Kannankottai for cultural program. After reaching the place some of the campers with the help of the resource person went to mobilise people in the village for cultural program. The cultural was started with the camp song. Mr. Murugan(Ex president, Kannankottai) was the chief guest and Mr. Muthukumar(Counsellor, social worker) was the resource person. They both shared various information related to youth Empowerment. Campers performed street theatre on unemployment, vocational training, development; folk dance and Puppetry. The session ended up with Vote of Thanks.

Day 6 30.08.2019 – Importance of Education
Theme: Karam Korthu Tharam Uyarthu

Case Study

The Students travelled to kannankottai for case study and also mobilized for the medical camp which was planned to be conducted on the next day. The people showed interest in the study.

Awareness Programme

The awareness programme on job opportunities for 12th standard students in Government high school, Kannankottai was held. It was initiated by Miss. Anushia(Camp Leader) and Assisted by Miss. Lipna(Program convenor) and headed by Prof. K. Priyadharshini(Camp Coordinator). Jobs in Defence, Management, Aircraft courses, Navy, Hotel Management were taught to the school students. The students listened to it and clarified their doubts.

Awareness and talent show

Simultaneously few of the campers along with Prof. Mrs. S. Helen Sha Diana (Camp Coordinator) went to thathaiyarkandigai village for awareness program. They have conducted talent show for the village children and few campers performed dance for the children. The awareness program was initiated by Miss. Aishwarya(Accommodation Convenor) and assisted by Miss. Sarojini(Cultural Convenor). Soap Making and youth employment opportunities were taught. The session was very useful to the community youth, children and women and they got benefited. Meanwhile 2nd year students Arrived to visit the campers at the Accommodation. The internal travel went to kannankottai, picked few campers over there and travelled to the accommodation to welcome and have lunch with the 2nd year students of MSW.

Input session

Miss. K. Priyadharshini (Assistant professor) was the resource person and she engaged the campers with activities and thoughts about group living. The campers learnt the importance of team effort and group work; got refreshed through that session.

Mentoring (Tutor Ward System)

All the campers along with the camp coordinators went to Rotary Club of Madras Boys Town for mentoring the students. The boys were been divided into 4 and shared each 4 children for 1 MSW student. Syllabus oriented doubts were made clear and motivational talks took place in each group. The session was interactive and students shared their issues and also clarified their doubts regarding studies and lots of skill based activities were conducted.


The campers travelled to kannankoattai for cultural program, after reaching mobilised the people in the village. The chief guest was Mr. S. Mani (Government Clerk, Kannankottai), he shared few words on discipline and attention. The campers performed street theatre, mime, puppetry and dance. The resource person was Mr. Saravanan (Founder, VISAI Environment Organisation) and he shared informative facts about water scarcity, education and etc.The audience were enthusiastic to listen to him. The program ended with Vote of Thanks.

Day 7 31.08.2019 – Awareness on health and hygiene
Topic: Varumun Kaapom
Place: Government High school kannankoatai

Medical Camp

Medical camp was conducted in the morning at kannankottai Government High School. Doctors from SRM Medical College and Hospital did their service to the village people. There were 3 Doctors and 2 Nurses along with a community welfare worker. Not only them but 3 Doctors from Radhatri hospital came to Check Eye. They rendered their service heartily to the village people. Many are advised to do cataract. 360 people got benefited by the camp. Rtn. S. Ravi (Director of Rotary Club of Madras) has visited the camp and supported the campers encouraged the village people.

Input session

After the medical camp the campers reached Rotary Club of Madras Boys Town, Amaramedu to have lunch. Lunch was arranged by the Rotary Club. After the lunch input session was started at Boys Town itself. Fr. Suresh Jesudass was the resource person and he gave an outline about women psychology, he also explained about different stages of women and their thought process. It was an interactive session as a last day to have an input session.


The campers along with the boys of Rotary club travelled to kannankottai. Since it was the last day of rural camp, the welcome address was given by Prof. Miss. K. Priyadharshini (camp Coordinator), report reading and prize distribution was done.

The Chief Guest was Mr. V. Arumugam (Co ordinator of Rotary Club of Madras Boys Town), he oriented about the health, sanitation of the people and to maintain the toilets for goodness. the campers performed parai dance and oyil dance with the help of the Resource Person Mr. Magimai Santhosh. A small skit was performed by the boys of Rotary club and it was about importance of Education and effects of Alcoholism. The Resource Person was Mr. Magimai Santhosh Kulothish (Founder of LEAD Trust), he shared a motivational speech to the gathering and exhibited his talent of singing awareness songs and dance. Awards for the campers were given and Valedictory ends in perfect way with the Vote of Thanks by Prof. S. Helen Sha Diana.