The  Plastic Abolition Committee of our college is established to address and mitigate the environmental impact of plastic use within the college campus. The committee’s primary function is to promote  sustainability, reduce plastic waste, and create awareness about the environmental consequences of plastic consumption. Some of the key functions of the committee:

  • Promoting Plastic Reduction and Alternatives
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Campus Initiatives
  • Waste Management
  • Collaborative initiatives
  • Promoting Reusable Alternatives
  • Participation in Environmental Campaigns
  • Engaging Students in plastic reduction efforts


S.No Name Designation
1 Sub. Lt.Dr.K.Kanthimathi Vice Principal (Aided) & Convener
2 Mrs.R.Nancy Mary Member
3 Dr.G.Manjula Member
4 Dr.K.ArulMehaPonradha Member
5 Mrs.Ramalakshmi Member
6 Dr.I.Deepa Persis Member
7 Ms.K.Kalaivani Member
8 Dr.Kamer sultana Member

Students can reach at