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Shrimathi Devkunvar Nanalal Bhatt Vaishnav College for Women was started in 1968 with the generous donation of 10 acres of land by our Late Founder Chairman Shri Nanalal Bhatt and 6 lakhs donated by Cork Industries Charities Trust. The College is named after the Late Founder Chairman’s wife Smt. Devkunvar. This college is the first women’s college in Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu. The present Chairman Smt. Mamta D. Bhatt is a dynamic and energetic leader with innovative ideas and with the potential of executing them precisely. The College Secretary,

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Principal’s Desk

Principal’s Desk

Dear Students,

This pandemic has left many of us paralyzed in variegated ways. Life is full of challenges and these challenges will help to discover you and help you to understand what makes you grow.