SDNB Vaishnav College for Women
Management Sponsored Staff Project (2021-2022)

S.NO.Project IDPrincipal Investigator & Co-Investigator(s) DepartmentTITLE OF RESEARCH PAPERAMOUNT
121TPD001Dr.C.Mansiya, Chemistry and T.Swarna Karthika, Clinical nutrition & dieteticsBiosynthesis of cadium Nanoparticals using plant extracts85000
221TPD002Dr.D.Annapoorni, Statistics and Dr.C.B.Nirmala, Plant biology and plant biotechnologyStudy on the impact of physical and psychological effects of heartfulness meditation on the well being of student practitioners90000

SDNB Vaishnav College for Women
Management Sponsored Staff Project (2021-2022)

S.NO.Project IDSTAFF NAMEDepartmentTitle of the Research ProjectAmount
121TPRE0011. Dr. D. A. Angel SherinMathematicsA Digital transformation of road accidents data into graph labeling and securing the info using algorithm105000
221TPRE0021. Dr.S.R.PrathibaMathematicsA study on Newtonian and non Newtonian blood flow behaviour in arteries60000
321TPRE0031. Dr Sudha senthil                         
2. N Anbarasi
MathematicsA study on eccentric domination nuber in graphs85000
421TPRE0041. Dr.Lalitha
2. Dr.Manimegalai
3. Dr.Anitha
Commerce & HRThe role of psychosocial support(PSS) on work performance among dual career couples70000
521TPRE0051. Dr ManimegalaiHRThe influencing role of gamification student motivation among Indian educational institutes90000
621TPRE0061.Dr.Devika.S                         PsychologyPost Covid academic stress among arts and science college students in chennai71000
721TPRE0071. Dr A K Rathna Kumari
2. Dr E V Sheena
PBPBTGreen synthesis of antibacterial nano particles from Vegetable kitchen waste30000
821TPRE0081. Dr. S.Santhanalakshmi
2. Janani B
BioStatisticsImpact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on current anatomy and graduation outcomes10000
921TPRE0091. R.Archana                                  EnglishA study of meaning production in the public minds through an analysis of public discourses available in social media and popular culture24350
1021TPRE0101. Karthika . J       
2. Subalakshmi. K
3. Priya Dharshini.K
4. Divya Saraswathi P
1.English                    2.BCA                            3.SocialWork
Enhancing the employability skills of tertiary learners with disabilities100000
1121TPRE0111. Dr Suguna.S
2.Dr Lakshmi D
Chemistry & PBPBTSynthesis of Novel Organic single crystals by SET method90000
1221TPRE0121. Dr Lakshmi.D
2. Dr Suguna S
PBPBT &  ChemistryBiofabrication and characterization of silver Nano particles of a seaweed and its biomedical properties97000
1321TPRE0131. Ms.Swarna Karthika
2. Dr Mansiya
1. Clinical nutrition & dietetics
Superhydrophobic coatings made from biocompatible phenyltriethoxysilane (PTES) and carnauba wax(natural wax)65000
1421TPRE0141. Dr R . Indira                                          
2. Dr Preethi Thangaraj
ChemistryEco-friendly synthesis of Bio-based absorbent polymers from bio-waste cellulose and its applications70000