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In the era of 21st century, analysis, interpretations of the results and discovering new facts/findings lead to some interesting research in almost all fields. Academicians, industry people and students have started their research in almost all fields which leads to multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research. It is the duty of the publisher to publish such interesting findings to the world. With proper guidelines, the standards and quality of the article is reached.

Publication Ethics are as follows

  • Duties of Publisher:
    • Publishing the original research/review article by checking the plagiarism of the articles
    • Enabling appropriate peer review process
    • Guiding and communicating the author throughout the publication process
    • Transparency in publication process.
    • Taking the copyright forms and other documents from the author.
  • Duties of Editors:
    • Planning the schedule for the review process and reverting with comments on time
    • Maintains the confidentiality of the manuscript.
    • An editor doesn’t disclose anyone identity without their consent.
    • Helps in maintaining the schedule of publication of each Issue.
    • Helps in maintaining the objective of the Journal.
  • Duties of Reviewer:
    • Provide precise evaluation with specific timeline aligned to the study.
    • Maintain confidentiality until the publication is over.
    • Support the editorial decision and shows his/her promptness.
    • Appropriate commenting wherever required.
    • Evaluating the social relevance, importance of the study
  • Duties of Authors:
    • The original research work/ idea of the author need to be submitted as Manuscript.
    • A person who rigorously involved in the research work and articulates in a form of the manuscript is called “author” and others supporting the work are called ”co-authors”.
    • At any point in the review process, the author may be asked to submit the raw data for an effective review process.
    • Simultaneous submission of the same article to different publications is not allowed.Acknowledgments and copyrights must be taken under consideration in the manuscripts if any part is taken or referred from others work.
    • Should extend the fullest cooperation in completing the process of publication.

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