SDNB Vaishnav College for Women

Peer Review Policy

All submitted articles undergoes a peer- review process. The quality of the research /review articles are verified by a team of editorial and reviewer members of the Journal. The reviewing process is a blind review process where the identity of the author and reviewer are disclosed. The articles satisfying the requirements of the Peer review policy are accepted for publication.

The steps of the Peer review policy

Preliminary Process:

  • As an initial step, the articles are checked for plagiarism. The article satisfying the plagiarism policy is directed to next step.
  • Paper id allotment to the articles that passed the plagiarism check.

Review Process:

  • Articles are sent to reviewers for comments and revision
  • The expected review comments are accepted, with revisions and rejected.
  • For accepted with revisions, the article is accepted after the author has satisfied the revisions requested by the reviewer.

Acceptance and Publication:

  • Once the review process gets over with accepted comments the article is accepted for publication. The author has to submit the copyright form and final copy of the article for publication.