About the CIEA:

Centre for Inclusion and Equal Access has been established with the aim of facilitating the inclusion of learners with disabilities enrolled in the college by providing them adequate learning resources, support and training with the help of appropriate assistive technology. It also seeks to empower the young women with disability studying at Shrimathi Devkunvar Nanalal Bhatt Vaishnav College for Women (SDNBVC) by offering short term training in employability skills through the use of educational and assistive technology. The objective of the centre is to identify the unique needs of the learners with disabilities and conduct specialized training for them periodically.

Learners with disabilities will also be provided with an opportunity to improve their communication skills, technology access skills, social skills, mobility and orientations skills through workshops and training programs to help them to overcome the barriers caused through individual perceptions, societal assumptions and physiological conditions.  The centre seeks to sensitize the college teachers to the unique needs of the learners with disabilities and the challenges they face due to disabling teaching and learning environments. It would attempt to educate the college teachers both within and outside the college campus through Faculty development programs, seminars and workshops regarding the importance of varied assistive technologies and their relevance to the teaching and learning process for learners with disabilities.The services of the resource centre will be gradually made available to the young women with disabilities in and around chrompet.

Services at CIEA

  1. Provide accessible E-learning materials with the help of OCR Software
  2. Provide OCR technology support to adapt texts into accessible teaching materials.
  3. Offer Short Term certified training in technology access skills using computer with screen readers
  4. Organize periodical guest lecturers/ need based training to learners with disability to enhance their employability skills
  5. Enabling access to all the infrastructure and services in the college
  6. Conduct seminar/conferences/FDP to create awareness among the college teachers and administrators regarding the benefits of inclusion and challenges faced by learners with disabilities due to disabling learning environments and societal perceptions

Advisory Committee Members

  1. S.K. Anandhalakshmi
    Department of Clinical Psychology
    National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD)
  2. Dr. Lata Rajendran
    Dr.MGR Institute of Special Education and Research
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  3. Mr.K.Raghuraman
    Assistant Professor
    Government Arts College for Men,
    Nandanam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


  1. Mrs.Karthika.J, Assistant Professor
    Post Graduate Department of English
  2. Mrs.Subalakshmi.K,
    Assistant Professor& Head of the Department
    Department of BCA
  3. Priya Dharshini.K,
    Assistant Professor& Head of the Department
    PG Department of Social Works
  4. Divya Saraswathi. P, Assistant Professor
    Department of English
  5. Mrs. Tamilarasi.B
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Commerce  (Corporate Secretaryship)


S.No Name Course
1 Janane G II MA English
2 Blesslin Femi J II MA English
3 Nanthitha.V I B.Com
4 Sugabradhayini M M.Com AF
5 Yuvathi.C.S I BA English

Contact Details:

Email ID: cieq@sdnbvc.edu.in
Karthika.J: 9710258061


    • Inauguration of The Centre for Inclusion and Equal Access

The centre was inaugurated in the presence of the Principal Dr.R.Geetha by two esteemed chief guests Dr. Lata Rajendran, Director, Dr.MGR Institute of Special Education and Research and Ms. S.K. Anandhalakshmi, Lecturer, Department of Clinical Psychology, National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD) on October 14, 2022.

Click here to view detail – Inauguration of Centre for Inclusion and Equal Access

    • Five-Day Faculty Development Programme:

Conducted a Five-Day Faculty Development Programme from 9th to 12th January on “Demystifying Disability by Celebrating Inclusion”.

Click here to view detail – Five Day Faculty development Programme

    • Sensitization Program on Inclusion and Equity

Centre for Inclusion and Equal Access in collaboration with Internal Quality Assurance Cell is conducting a sensitization program on inclusion and disability titled “Equity: Not yours, not Mine but Ours” for the first-year students of all the departments in the Main Auditorium on 10th of February, 2023

Click here to view detail – Sensitization Program on Inclusion and Equity

    • Computer Access Training and Typing Training:

A trainer has been appointed on a regular basis to train students from both the shift -1 and shift-2 in NVDA access, typing skills and Braille writing and reading. They were trained to use computer with NVDA a speech to text software. The screen reader will enable the students with complete loss of vision and students with low vision to access computer easily. Students with dyslexia and mild intellectual disability and hearing impairment were given typing training using computer to improve their employment opportunities.

Click here to view detail – Computer Access Training

    • Employment Registration

National Career Service Centre for Differently Abled, Guindy, Chennai-600 032 conducted a special employment registration drive for students with disabilities in our college on 29.03.2023 at 11.30 pm.

Click here to view detail – Employment Registration