Apollo Shine Students’ Health Screening was carried out for students from 02/08/19 and 05/08/19 to 08/08/19 .  On behalf of APOLLO SHINE FOUNDATION a team of  doctors,  para medical staff members and  administrators visited the college and screened the second and third year students of around 2,430 in the college premises.

Apollo Shine Staff Health Screening was carried out during August 2019 on 28/08/19 and 29/08/19.

Apollo Hospital conducted “Basic Life Support” Programme for nearly 850 second year students 01/10/2019.  Apollo Alert Team Members – Mr. Karthik and Ms. Mahalakshmi explained the three steps of CPR, namely Circulation, Airway and Breathing to the gathering and gave a live demo to rescue the victim from unconsciousness, cardiac arrest, obstructed airway and respiratory distress, to save the victim to survive till he gets the medical support.

“Taking the right action quickly and confidently can make the difference between life and death for a person”.  The session was very helpful to create awareness among students to save life in needy time.

2018-19 REPORT

On behalf of the Apollo Shine Foundation, a team of 11 doctors and eight paramedical staff visited SDNB Vaishnav College for Women and have screened the first and second year students(UG and PG) on 25th, 26th and 27th March,2019 in our college premises. Anaemia, underweight, overweight, dental caries and refractive error were observed commonly among majority of students. Doctors have given due Medical prescription to the concerned students and the students have benefited accordingly.