Explore and implement innovative technologies and services to deliver information and scholarly resources conveniently to users.


To promote intellectual growth and creativity by developing collections, facilitating access to information resources, teaching the effective use of information resources and critical evaluation skills and offering research assistance.

About the Library

        Our college has an excellent new Library functioning in the Golden Jubilee Block 1st Floor of about 10,000 Square feet area with beautiful ambience. Library is equipped with a collection of  51502 books apart from Journals, Periodicals, Research Theses, Reports and Online Resources enabling the Student’s quest to update their day-to-day Knowledge. It offers Information  services to its Faculty members, Research Scholars and Students for their academic requirements. Users can access information on their desktops through web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).

Facilities in the Library:

  • Library is automated by Koha Software.
  • RFID enabled Library.
  • KIOSK Circulation  is also available.
  • A Separate Air Conditioned Digital Lab with over 48 Computer Systems are available especially for the use of Research Scholars .
  • A spacious reading hall is available inside the library with the seating capacity of 150 with 55 systems.
  • Digital Display is also available.

E Resources  in the Library:

  • INFLIBNET facility.

e-Shodh Sindhu consortium with access to 6,000+ ejournals, 1,99,500+ ebooks.

  • 6,00,000 ebooks through NDL.

  • DELNET  Facility

Access Millions of Networked Library Resources through DELNET

  • 3,50,00,000+ Books available for loan
  • 1,00,000+ list of Journals
  • 5,000+ Full-text E-journals
  • 1,00,000+ Thesis/Dissertations

DELNET  Facility

  • Digimat Digital Library

NPTEL Videos,Web Lectures, ebooks etc.

Digimat Facility

  • KINDLE  facility
  • Kindle is an e-reader designed and marketed by Amazon.
  • In Kindle, there are around 51 e-books are available in our Digital library.

KINDLE  Facility

E – Journals

 American Institute of Physics [18 titles]
 Annual Reviews [33 titles]
 Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) [1 title]
 Indian Journals [180+ titles]
 Institute of Physics [46 titles]
 JSTOR [2500+ titles]
 Oxford University Press [262 titles]
 Royal Society of Chemistry [29 titles]
 H. W. Wilson [3000+ titles]
 Cambridge University Press [224 titles] (2010-2016)


 Cambridge Books Online [1800 titles]
 E-brary [185000+ titles]
 EBSCoHost-Net Library [936 titles]
 Hindustan Book Agency [65+ titles]
 Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) Books [382+ titles]
 Oxford Scholarship [1402+ titles]
 Springer eBooks [2300 titles]
 Sage Publication eBooks [1000 titles]
 Taylor Francis eBooks [1800 titles]
 Myilibrary-McGraw Hill [1124 titles]
 South Asia Archive [through NDL]
 World e-Books Library [Now Available through NDL only]

SHIBBOLETH based ACCESS, Please re-enter your same userid and Password for below resources.

Rules and Regulations

1. It is obligatory that all Staff and Students of the College to be members of the Library.

2. Books will be issued only on producing the Identity Card

S.No. Category  No. Of Books   Loan Period
1. Faculty      10    End of the semester
2. Research Scholars  &  PG Students 5     1 month
3. UG Students    2     14 days
4. Non teaching staff       3        1 month

3. Books borrowed shall be returned or renewed on or before the due date.

4. Any books lost or defaced shall have to be replaced by a new one or pay two times cost of the Book.

5. Photocopy of library books and journals may only be carried out within the copyright regulations.

6. Library will remain open on all working days from 8.00am to 6.30pm & closed on Sundays and Government holidays.

7. Books issue will be stopped at the end of the month of February due to stock checking.

8. Students or Staff who leave the college for any reason in the middle of the term should return the books before they leave the college.

9. All the members are invited to make use of the resources available in the  Library.


Library Activities

Library Workshop

Golden Jubilee Book Fair

Invited Talks

Web Training

KOHA Software Training

Faculty Development Workshop

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