Staff Name Project Details Agency Period
Dr. G. Rani Molecular identification of Gracilaria sp.(Rhodophyceae) and Identification of Cycloxygenase gene in Gracilaria sp. UGC Major 2013-2016


Staff Name Project Details Agency Period
G .Gayathri Devi Analysis and Recognition of Braille Documents in Southern Indian Languages UGC Minor 2017-19
Dr. P. Beena Reception and Production of Second Language at School Level UGC Minor 2014-2016
Dr.G.Jagadeeswari Re-inventing and reliving Tamil Lexicon among–Tamil Speaking college Students UGC Minor 2014-20

Management Sponsored Project -Ongoing Project



S.No Department Staff name Title of the Project Budget
1 Tamil Dr.S.Lakshmi& Dr.K.PadmaVilasini TholkappiyauvamaiyiyalumAdanValarchiPadiNilaigalum 65,000
2 Mathematics Dr.S.Kavitha Studies on typically Real functions 80,000
3 Chemistry Dr.T.Preethi Synthesis of Bio-templatedTitania-Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite for Photocatalytic degradation 65,000
4 Nutrition, FSMD & Dietetics Ms.S.Sarah Priscilla Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – Awareness and Assessment among Adolescents in Chennai. 85,000
5 Nutrition, FSMD & Dietetics Ms.P.Umamaheswari The impact of Health Educational Intervention on Knowledge,Attitude and Practice 50,000

Management Sponsored Project -Completed Project

Staff Minor Research Project : 2016-2017

    S.No.     Principal Investigator & Co-Investigator(s)    Department     Title of the Project   Amount         ( in Rupees)  
1. Dr.Ms. C.Victoria Priscilla & Ms.M.Mahadevi   P .G. Department of Computer Science   Study on factors influencing admission in Sub-urban colleges. 25,000/-
2. Dr.Ms.S.Alamelu& Ms.R.Remila Judit   Department of Mathematics   A Study on Mathematical Models  for the abnormalities of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal HPA axis due to the effect of Human stress. 30,000/-
3. Dr.Ms.S.Kavitha   Department of Mathematics Studies on certain subclasses of Univalent Functions involving Quasi-Subordination. 35,000/-
4. Dr. Ms.S.Seetha & Ms. S.Poornima   P.G Department of Commerce An efficacy study of Interpersonal skills in Development of Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skills among Graduates in Chennai City. 20,000/-
5. Dr.M.s A.K. Rathna Kumari & Ms.E.V.Sheena   P.G.Department  of  PlantBiology&PlantBiotechnology Pharma cognostic Studies and INVITRO propagation  of FIVE medicinal herbs present in S.D.N.B.Vaishnav College. 15,,000/-
6. Ms.V.Surya,Ms.S.AbeenaShanthini, Ms.B.Janani   P.G Department of Statistics A Comparative study on the effects of technological innovations in improving quality of higher education and forecasting the skilled manpower needs. 10,000/-
7. Ms.R.Harini & Ms.P.Amirtha   Department of B.Com ISM Marketing problems of Medicinal Plants of Irula Tribal Women in Tamilnadu-A study with special reference to Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur, Cuddalore and Villupuram Districts. 20,000/-
8. Ms.R.Vijayavahini   Department of Home Science Clinical Nutrition  and  Dietetics Formulation and sensory, nutritional and microbial analysis of millet based snack bar for adolescent female athlete. 30,000/-
9. Ms.T.Swarna Karthika   Department of Home Science Clinical Nutrition and  Dietetics   A Comparative of AZO compounds containing Aldehyde-based on the characterisation and antimicrobial activity.         30,000/-  
10. Dr.Ms.S.Subbulakshmi Ms.G.Muthulakshmi   P.G.Department  of Commerce The role of educational Institutions in developing cognitive, personal and professional skills among college students in Kanchipuram District. 20,000/-